If you crop the picture to a resolution that is smaller than your monitor, the cropped picture is shown at its actual size. Side-by-side or Top-bottom – Some displays accept 3D content presented in one of these formats. It is highly recommended to immerse yourself slowly into 3D viewing. Such pairs can be processed individually using the Create button. After making adjustments, you can choose to preview the crop, or just accept it.


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Such pairs can be processed individually using the Create button. This function 3docmposer the program to try to create a 3D picture from the selected 2D pictures.

Click to load comments. Select the single picture. Just follow the on-screen instructions to log in and select the album you want to view. Creation and Editing Trials After installing 3DComposer for the first time, the program starts in trial mode, where all features are available.

Next, resize and reposition the crop box by clicking and dragging any of the white squares on it. At the bottom of the browser window, a status bar shows the program status, including the Output Directory setting for 3D photo creation.


Take two pictures side by side using your current camera. Other TV-connected devices that can display 3D photos are available, and more will surely be coming soon.


After 3D creation, the source pictures are labeled 3dcompozer identify their relationships. Selected pictures are indicated by a blue box around their filenames. To adjust the depth, click and drag the slider or use the mouse scroll wheel. Interlaced – Some monitors display 3D by interlacing the pixel rows of the left and right images. When taking 3D pictures, you should normally take the left picture first, that is, move the camera to the right between the two shots.

This is the recommended setting, as it is usually the easiest to organize and maintain. Create 3D pictures with approximately the same resolution as the 2D source pictures. Upload the photos to your PC and run 3DComposer.

3DComposer | Flickr

If none are selected, the first one in the thumbnail viewer is opened for viewing. Select only pictures in the box between the current picture and the most recently selected single picture. The following functions make sharing easy. Once you have great looking 3D pictures, you’ll want to share them with family and friends! By default, all pictures are processed; however, if pictures are selected, the process is restricted to only the selected pictures.

Note that large depth values are rarely needed to achieve the best results, and they can make the picture difficult to view.


3DComposer – PRO

Open a menu of 3D editing functions to alter the currently viewed picture. The viewer functions 3domposer described below. For advanced 3D photographers experimenting with larger stereoscopic bases, there are two recommended methods to help perform the desired amount of camera shift and still maintain the balance needed to take good pictures.

The editing functions are accessible from within the viewer.


However, this option can be used to create 3D pictures when the right picture was taken first. Take both pictures with the same camera settings if possible. Very small 3dcom;oser may not reach screen size at maximum zoom. To sum things up, 3DComposer provides the basic tools needed to merge two similar photos into a 3D composition.

This cropping may yield unacceptable results for some photos. The creation trial runs until 15 3D photos are created. Process Overview The following list provides an example of the entire 3D creation process. It takes more time, but results in more detailed 3D pictures. The View 3dcom;oser contains functions that initiate the viewing of your 3D pictures.