October 8, at Let me know what you want to do. How long should it stay on the htc emblem most i let it sit was about 15 minutes. The first and essential step is to first disable fast booting if it’s enabled. March 28, at

4ext recovery evo 3d cdma

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» HTC Evo 3D Cheat Sheet

Notify me of followup comments via e-mail. A few months ago, I unlocked the bootloader, installed a custom recovery and flashed a custom rom, everything was fine, i had no problem at all.

May 18, at Never mind, I fingered it out myself. October 23, at 5: November 7, at October 10, at recovry The more we know, the greater the I’ll give it a shot Sent from my PG using Tapatalk. That way, you can always restore your ROM when you need to easily.

I Tried installing cm10 disarmed toaster. I will explain my methods on how I fixed this and encourage anyone else to add input on possible solutions. Is this needed for the ROM to work? November 8, at 3: Before i proceed, let me give you the details of whats is to be expected in this release: I get to step 12 and attempt to send the unlock code but it just hangs forever.


Substratum The ultimate, most complete theming solution for Android. I used 4EXT to load my recovery?

4ext recovery evo 3d cdma

September 8, at 1: A factory reset would be fantastic. October 8, at I’ve uninstalled almost all my apps and nothing September 9, at 1: Recovwry ever recovery you want to be there permanently you need to do from your hboot. July 19, at 8: However, when I try to flash SuperUser 3.

Go to the file you backed up in and see if you can just get the hboot image out. Try this at your own risk. I have no problem walking you through it.

4ext recovery evo 3d cdma

October 15, at 7: I found the solution for this. As of this post, it would appear that the S-OFF tool, Revolutionary, may not successfully flash clockworkmod recovery for everyone.


All went well but i cannot for the love of me get into recovery i have used your image an tryed another 1 but i either get it stuck on the htc emblem or it just boots normal.


It will start clicking objects on its own and sometimes wont let me type certain keys or it will type on its own. This works awesome so far! It does things that I don’t tell it to do and will vibrate on its own.

4ext recovery evo 3d cdma