Sony fixed up some of the exploits used to make the CFW permanent in the remainder editions, but for these devices Infinity can be used to simulate permanent CFW. May December 20, Reply. It works like a charm in my psp with motherboard TA Not much to tell about except that it will work for most games. If you ever power your PSP off simply run this application again to enable custom firmware. You can not permanently flash this to a PSP

6.60 pro b10 fast recovery

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This allows you to easily carry around more than one game, and helps to save your PSP’s battery as it does not need to power the UMD drive when playing games. So you can now follow this guide if you happen to have updated to 6.

Once done, it will reboot your Recovfry.

The best vast both worlds I think you will agree I want some Emulators: For the initial discovery of the Power-Kernel-Exploit in 6. Ifret January 4, Reply. Yung ISO mode dapat nakaset sa inferno. Davee for his v1 register leak address discovery used in Power-Argument-Patching. I tried to start the game with all three, but none of them worked.


Accidentally installed 6.60 PRO-B10

Is there an alternative to Hackerinformer? Hi, i have a psp v3. However, remember to not install permanent patch!

6.60 pro b10 fast recovery

Make sure na nakainferno driver yung PSP mo. If not, and I have to update the a higher firmware and use the higher LCFW, is there anything keeping me from downgrading later? We can see that my PSP is a 1. Installing CFW nowdays shouldn’t be this hard if you can read.

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It fully shuts down only if you press and hold power button for awhile. Thom December 28, Reply. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Hi sylv3rblade i have PSP 660.

Complete Guide to PSP Custom Firmware – Revive Today

You can play reocvery in the UMD drive, you can play games you bought from the store, but when it comes to trying to play games in an unconventional manner, you will hit a road block. Separate names with a comma.


6.60 pro b10 fast recovery

Look version, if it’s official then run Fast Recovery and check again. What error do you get running he PROupdater? Rockstead Aug 17, You no longer need to open up fast recovery, or even keep any of the custom firmware utilities on your PSP. Any plugins that changes the XMB format or similar is dast best bet.

Try upgrading to 5. Can I delete the files from memory stick? As for compatibility, the Pro LCFW has the inferno driver which makes it compatible with most games available. Comments Have Something To Say? Can my PSP be hacked permanently?

6.60 pro b10 fast recovery

It goes in an Initial Setup where I have to Set the time and date. Yes, my password is: I tried everything and nothing happened.

InsaneNutterJan 20,