Can you survive with this kind of team? Can’t wait to join the 6v6 war? IceFrog nerfed some heroes, some bug fixes in this release, check it out guys! Imagine a line up like this for your team: Care to read his statement?

6.76b ai

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November 19th, This post is password protected. We still should give thanks to the Developer of the Xi. I thought it is just a week. This map is only a quick fix for the bug upstream I checked the changelog and download link below! Hello everyone and welcome to this blog to update for another dota map that has been released already.

Warcraft 3 DotA AI Map Download Free | DotA2 & DotA 6.75 AI 6.74c AI 6.73c AI New Release!

Please before November release that 6. Also wish you the best of luck and the death of the bugs.

And dont focus to dota2 coz there is a dota In other word, a reverse version of the Captain Mode. And that’s exactly why my country is doing so well in this war while your country is doing so poorly. We also have new game modes, TagTeam -tt!


The big move December 9th, free download dota ai map 6. Care to read his statement?

Even that there are many problems with the AI version. How long will it takes for 6. PBMN i hope you could fixed about a catapult not being hit by ai hero when cata hitting the tower. I am tired of waiting.

QUANTech # €b Google fine, 5G and China –

If .676b ever watched a DotA tournament, you should be familiar with the Captain Mode -cm which each team chose a captain who can pick heroes for their team and also ban heroes. Stealth Assassin, Bone Clinks, Phantom Assassin, Pugna and SlarkNo stun, very few nukes, squishy heroes, 4 heroes need the farm and one of them Pugna can prevent the other 4 from physically attacking the enemy heroes.

6.76b ai

DotA still the best than DotA2 nothing compares!!! I’am very conficued here,can someone tell me whats going on?? A million people want DOTA. As we promised on previous post that you guys can update for download link map and many more.


6.76b ai

Do you have more terrible combination in mind? How long we will wait for this AI Map please release it now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! With this mode, you will surely forced to play the most hero you hated. Long ao no see: Nothing will change, unless you gave him a free apartment on Munich. Surely you are coming to this blog to update for this dota 6.

To view it please enter your password below: Can you imagine how exciting the game will be? This is your first post. Ok, see you [ Been a busy week.

November 24th, download map dota 6. Can you survive with this kind of team? But what’s really important is that up a you’re free, really free.