Ring Tones There are several distinct ring tones a user can select from to set on the IP phones. You can reset a user password using the Aastra Web UI only. Using Handsfree Speakerphone The handsfree feature allows you to speak to someone without using the handset.. Now we need to configure the phone to handle the paging functionality. Aastra Web UI 1. Print page 1 Print document pages.

aastra 51i firmware

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You can also directly dial from a displayed line item in the Callers List. Incomplete Configuration Incomplete Configuration If your phone displays an “Incomplete Config” message without any extension or user name at the end of the start up firware instead of an Idle state screen, this inidicates the phone configuration that was downloaded from the configuration server is not complete or correct.

– Reloading Aastra firmware

The blind transfer feature transfers a call to another number without you having to talk to the recipient. I found a rejected SIP registration attempt Unauthorized.

Also See for 51i Installation manual – 36 pages Brochure – 9 pages User manual – 7 pages. Unlock the Phone 3.

To move the cursor one digit to the right, press 4.

Press to confirm the restart of the phone. Print page 1 Print document pages. Troubleshooting Solutions Aastra 51i Installation Guide provided with your phone. Do a manual entry. Use firmmware Delete Key to delete the speeddial key. And Yes is during registration atempt, I turned off the phone, then I turned it back on, and right after, before it finishes booting I started the capture. Could be that the phone is defective, or cable plugged in wrong or firmware needs updating.


Page 88 When you disable this parameter, and there is an active call, the phone treats fimrware incoming intercom call like a normal call and plays the call warning 15i.

Go to the “Preferences” page and scroll down to the “Incoming Intercom Settings” section:.

Enter the number destination for which you want your incoming calls to be for- warded and press 4. We need to adjust audio parameters. Select Time and Date. Call forward can be configured using a specific mode off, all, busy, no answer, busy no answer on a global basis only. This may take a few moments while the phone downloads the latest updates. Ring Tones There are several distinct ring tones a user can select from to set on the Firmawre phones.

Manually Configure Aastra (67)51i, (67)53i, (67)55i, (67)57i Center

In the “Unlock the Phone? Party 1 is the party you want to transfer. When the Callers list is full, the oldest call records are deleted to accommodate the information of new callers.


aastra 51i firmware

Page 15 Swap key – If you are on an active call and a second call comes in, you can press the Swap key. To end a call, you first need to reconnect to the call if not already connected for example, if your caller fiirmware on hold.

Change a selected option if applicable.

aastra 51i firmware

Page 21 Call Forward – Allows you to set a phone number destination for where you want calls forwarded. So I see the problem, but not sure of the cure. If the name is displayed with the number, both are saved to the speeddial.

Aastra 51i User Manual

Select Cfwd Number and press 4. It also stores up fiirmware the last numbers you called, allowing you to scroll through and select the number you wish to redial. In the “New Password” field, enter the new user password. Call Forwarding Call Forwarding The call forwarding feature on the IP phone allows incoming calls to be forwarded to another destination. The redial list is available during active calls. The screen displays “Call Held”.