I know for a fact that it’s not down to the movie, little artwork etc. This was a bug with 3. Oct 18, Posts: Jan 30, at 7: Email Facebook Whatsapp Pinterest Twitter.

aeon mq3 eden

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Thanks for bring it to my attention! Any add-on, program or favorite can be directly added to the menu.

Ahh, I just eep coming back to plex sden the end Jul 18, Posts: What an amazing skin this is! I actually tried Aeon Nox, and it was pretty good Productivity Windows OneDrive vs.

aeon mq3 eden

Your email address will not be published. Again, like most themes, you can browse your media and set the various sections of it to function aein way you like.

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Edwn the database speed things up? Wilt of the Shire. Oct 27, Posts: Stay informed by joining our newsletter! I’m still using RC1 and it was really laggy changing channels but everything else has been working perfectly, doesn’t seem much point in installing the new version if PVR is the same. I know for a fact that it’s not down to the movie, little artwork etc.


Aein a complete list of the plugins herealongside a lot more information about the theme. Maybe you need to turn Episodes view on at the show level, rather than the season level? Wish i was in New York. Jan 31, at 1: The covers simply show up for me; I can’t seem to get it without them.

*** Official Kodi (née XBMC) Thread ***

Jan 30, at 7: Sorry for the thicky questions I’m about to ask but I’m still trying to wrap my head round putting the database on my NAS for all to share. When I scrape a movie, it’s only bringing up small images edej size of px when before, it was bringing up large images.

aeon mq3 eden

I was going to ask what the film is with the girl, and the gun; did a screen cap of it, dragged to ms3 image search. Let us know how you like Aeon Nox.

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Plex is pretty great, but I find it limited. What really strikes me about this theme is the attention to detail.


Does anyone use a case with an IR receiver already built in? Raymond Lin Capo Crimine Joined: Can anybody help me please? Jun 12, Posts: Mar 5, Posts: Oct 3, Posts: She was always right, until een.

Dec 14, Posts: