Slow Saving Whenever I try to save in original size, it took soooo long. Featured Groups for AfterFocus Pro. Looks like the developers are not very keen to release updates as well. I also find that the Blur effect after saving looks different in the photo than it did in the app. I love this app plz solve the problem.

afterfocus pro 1.2.5

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afterfocus pro 1.2.5

The colors for drawing the focus areas are red, faint red and transparent which do not match the examples, so the instruction colors mismatch. Rearca – Pro 1. Brilliant if you haven’t got photoshop on a PC Amazing!

Create Shallow afterficus at the 1.22.5 expanding to clarity to the 4 sides of photograph Highly Recommend. I can get exact bokeh quality as iPhone 7 plus!!! Thus making this ‘PRO’ version useless at best. That means it constantly needs data access. I also use Stickit!

Gud but doesn’t retain the original quality of the pic I Am facing a problem.


Yet when it aftwrfocus to picking a picture to edit, it will happily allow you to select a picture from the external SD card. Download AfterFocus Pro 1. Just needs one thing. Is far too distracting. Ice Cream Sandwich 4. A faster and more convenient film camera.

Mere fading blur will fail here. This issue should be fixed asap. So far the basic function of this app is working. Category photography Latest Version 1. Also, various filter effects offer you to create the most natural and realistic photo.

I can’t live without this app. I never thought that it was possible to have so much focal control in an android app. Initially I struggled but once I got a hang of it The afterfovus at 11.2.5 it does. I don’t always have an internet connection. Unperfect Feather Effect Saved Image I have been using this apps for many years, but recently I really got trouble everytime I saved my editing with feather effect to smoothen the edge of the image, the result I saw in gallery always lost its feather effect, so the edge is very rough and make the image far from perfect.


The last update was in July This apps is really good for photographer like me.

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Different photographs have different blur planes. To emphasize that certain things move, Motion blur and Zoom blur effects are also available.

afterfocus pro 1.2.5

It afterfoccus works great. Looks like the developers are not very keen to release updates as well. Also I don’t find that it works well for a graduated Blur such as a corridor.

AfterFocus Pro APK 1.7.2

Otherwise it would have been best app forever!!! Tried it on my LG V10 and getting a black circular hole in the middle afterfocis the photo after export. Apps related to AfterFocus Pro.