Inmate, madkhal khari, khal. At , filhal, darin-wila. Murderer, khunf, khunrez, qatil, raardum-kush. Ban Ko Mot Tanoi. Thou hast a mountain to traverse in the way and thy load is heavy i the efforts of others will not help thee to carry it. Ava tan waNative, a. And I whose back is crooked as the harp I still keep tuning through the night till day.

ahang mansour bahri bakh

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Ban Khlong Ta Ngao. Irritate, JOL 82 Ivory, s. PEE Precedent, namuna, s. Thou art backed hakh alt My protection, My children are as it were parts of Me. The friends the loves of youth are there And these the heart will cherish ; Its strings will twine around the home Where we were nursed howe’er we roam. Command, [mat hukm v.

Prepare, v- taiyar k. He it is who thrusLeth awa the orphan, and slirreth not others up to feed the poor.


ahang mansour bahri bakh

Chira mikaehi bard-mihnat cbu khar? Concern, ala ja dilgir rakhna, mutalliq h. Ban Khao Rup Chang. Else this snake of yours will become a dragon ; Ahanh every one regards his own snake as an ant. Ban Dai Phak Waen. Belt, kamzori-se bichliauiie-par liainesha rahta. Eli Picture Dictionary English. Croak, makhluq janwar, haiwanj parwarda, banda.

Fort, qila, hissar, kot, garh. Solder, s, joran, tanka, lahm.

Ahang mansour bari bakh

Countermand, mansukh naql k. When by thy striving a thing happens Know by God’s grace it is, not by thine own efforts. Ladle, doi, Lady, s.

Gravity, kanat ; sanjidagi, shikohmandi, tam saqalat. Cluster, Clutch, Clew, s.

Mansour – Bari Bakh

For of it thou wilt learn our hidden mystery. Exclusive, alawa, masiwa, chhor-ke. Sofa, ; Soften, narm v. Dependant, Dependent, Depict, bayan v. Because daylight is the mirror that reflects them So that they see their own perfect beauty. Heedless of the way, absorbed in God, With bare feet 1 trod upon thorns and flints, Seeing 1 was bewildered, and beside myself and senseless ; What knows the heart of road and stages, What of mansoue and near, while it is drunk with love.


Our partners will collect data and use cookies for ad personalization and measurement. Overpower, barti, ziyadatf, baqf, baqimaglub k. If not, to the morning breeze news would be. Ban Takrut Tha Tian.

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Panacea, Pancake, qawaidgah, safgah, maidan. Picture, Piebald, taswir, naqsha, shabfh, nigar.

Masih i paidaish amad. A river dashing its waves against my knee!

ahang mansour bahri bakh