No, the exception is not because of using trial version or old version of Aspose although the recommended version to be used is always the latest one, you should use Aspose. It gets common view properties associated with the notes view mode. Browse the Latest Snapshot. Slides for Java is a unique PowerPoint management component that enables Java applications to read, write and manipulate PowerPoint documents without using Microsoft PowerPoint. SmartArtShapeCollection class and its interface Aspose. We like to share the new hotfix release of Aspose. Rectangle, , , , ; connector.

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RevealTransition class and its interface com. You guys might consider improving the error thrown from Aspose.

aspose slides jar

Iqbal Iqbal 1 1 silver badge sliddes 5 bronze badges. Applied to category or date axis. Slides conflicts with Aspose. Pptx ; Obsolete Aspose. IGlitterTransition relates to transition type Glitter that has been supported in this release. Total license doesn’t work with Aspose.


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NET suite of components for. TransitionLeftRightDirectionType slldes is used in this class and specifies a direction restricted to the values of left and right. Freak 5, 5 5 gold badges 30 30 silver badges 45 45 bronze badges.

aspose slides jar

TransitionCornerAndCenterDirectionType enumeration is used in this class and specifies a direction restricted to the corners and center. Total package which is a compilation of all components offered by Aspose for that particular platform. Shape instead of ShapeElementFillSource. Please try to delete from your locale repository our library and install it again. Post as a guest Name. Aspose offers components for many different platforms. How do we handle problem users? Method remove has been added to com.

OrganizationChartLayoutType enum represents formatting type the child nodes in an organization chart. Sign up or log in Sign up using Google. Any help would be greatly appreciated. This applies to these use cases: Can you refresh your spring sample link? ICommonSlideViewProperties represents common slide view properties currently view scale options.


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Embed this content in your HTML. This color is used by default if fillType equals NotDefined. FontsManager class has following members: SmartArtShapeCollection class and its interface Aspose.

aspose slides jar

The following is the list of changes in this version of Aspose. We like to share the new hotfix release of Aspose. Let your Java and Web Aspose.

This color is used by default if FillType equals NotDefined. Browsing All Articles 65 Articles. Slides Product Family Aspose. Default values are 0 and NullableBool.