The most memorable characte would have to be Konata. Of course, Clockwork knew this would happen , and so he had made arrangements for the evil ghost’s ascension into the Pantheon where he could be kept in check by the myriad powerful deities present there. They have their own share of haters. I also loved the cutaways with a co-host show, and how the man later overeacted, and destroyed the set. Lumayan buat tombo stress dan latihan senam perut HaHaHaHa.

asrika film spongebob

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A Japanese businessman, captured by modern-day pirates, is written off and left for dead by his company. I love how it points out certain things in other animes, and makes fun of it. SpongeBob ascended after his second movie was released for a generally positive reception from critics and fans alike as well as outgrossing the first movieshowing that his franchise was still going strong. Game Reviews Columns incl.

Was it Drope the last guy who ascended a One Piece Character? Kirby crashes onto Planet Popstar and befriends the villagers that live In Cappytown. North took this in good humor and has helped Skellington out in this regard.

The cast and crew of spongenob smash hit Zombieland Saga reveal some fun behind-the-scenes tidbits about their time working on the series – which has an upcoming second season! All those little things make up the daily life of the anime-and Everything chronological archives Features incl.

Top 22 Best Anime Shows – IMDb

The House of Knowledge is still conducting studies about thisSpongeBob has a curious attraction for the fishman known as Rikuoas such, he sometimes tries to act as a sort of manservant, competing with Patrick.


Greatest Christmas Specials and Movies. It also had thw witch C. Don’t forget to give us your picks in the comments. If we cut Zenon, we lose one of the best examples around both in terms of badness of the ending and the whole “going to hell through far more labor than what could have gone to heaven”. This took place in during the fall of the Han dynasty, and Aisha, a bandit hunter, embarks on a quest to rid China of the villains. Rebecca Miyamoto, an year-old child prodigy, accepts a teaching job at Momotsuki Gakuen Peach Moon Academya high school that can be best described as ‘bizarre’!

The Kraken once tried to eat SpongeBob, but spat him out for being talkatively obnoxious while inside its stomach. Dec 19th at IMDb user rating average 1 1. It’s not every day that people see a talking, cheerful sponge befriend a little, cocky dragon and an insane, old wizard.

asrika film spongebob

The show opens up with the young Dicolonii Lucy escaping from her imprisonment. Cthulhu doesn’t appear to scary him at all, and his presence annoys the ancient God. Patrick assrika Earl “Nice shorts” and the alien replied “Yo, rad shorts”.

Top 22 Best Anime Shows

Grandfather Paradox took an odd interest in him. Most of the Asrikz of Ghosts abhor him for what he did to Casper soon after his ascension.

Being the workaholic he is, he also has another side job restoring certain parts of the Pantheon, working alongside Mordecai and Rigby and under Benson. It all started when SpongeBob came to the legendary pirate in order to return all the dirty gym socks that were left inside Jones’ locker, which ended up with Patrick accidentally showering the pirate with them.


What can I say, Pokemon was one of my first animes. HugeFiles Sharebeast 4Shared Pasti anda sudah tahu kan dengan They have their own share of haters.


Owner of a lonely heart. I will remove her in a couple of seconds if anyone is ok. Tired of watching her boss, Mr.

asrika film spongebob

Kessler shares the distinction of being the villainous future self of the mostly heroic Cole MacGrath and though he also caused quite a lot of death and destruction for the sake of his future, he wanted to make sure his past self was ready and able to defeat The Beast when it awakened.

Surprisingly, he has shown to be able to hold his own against both Rufus and Bob at the House of Combat Rufus made the mistake of calling him ” Fat Rick “.

asrika film spongebob

However, SpongeBob appears to be scared of Uncle Howeewho he finds too creepy even for him.