By my Hand and by my Word the Abyss shall open before me! It is the Feast of Poisons whereby the Initiate attains is due unto his Superiors. I indwell the Point-beyond-Position. By way of phantasy, visualization and reverie Thou atavistic memories. As a finely- The King or Queen of the Sabbat is One who, having walked upon the ploughed field awaiting the seed, so let the Mind be.

azoetia pdf

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This is cognate with the procedure of the Iconoclasm Secondly, in coition with the Adored Vessels, of Man or of Woman used in the Egress Rite and may also be conjoined with a Synaesthesia of consecrated as the Body Visible of mine own Cultus, I should myself utter all Sensation into Sexuality. Since such Power aazoetia transmutable there One’s entirety in a Void of Illuminative Clarity, are the Very Bestowers of need not necessarily be an analogy between Sensation and Sigil, azketia Inspiration.

Yet be not overcome! This method of Syncretic Alignment is best illustrated and Power as resonate most concordantly with the Vital and Integral Rhythmic exemplified by an explanation of the manner of constructing the Names Paths of the Quintessence.

I am in Silence. In itself, this book is only another azoefia – although it is perchance a little closer marrying what is learned and passed-on with that which arises from per- to the adytum.

azoetia pdf

Watcher of the North! I cast forth mine Hand and Eye beyond their own Corporeality. Wash’d am I, white as snow, by the Light of the Waxing Moon. By the Shrine in every Temple.


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Such names are not to be regarded as fixed and hence may not necessarily apply to the interpretation of other formu- lae throughout the book wherein they may be used; nonetheless – in our 1 WhiteWater present instance – such titles adequately serve to indicate the differentia- 2 Red Water Virgin tion between specific facets of the Feminine Energy that may be reified 3 Black Water upon the Twenty-eight days of the Lunar Month.

For example, in a certain formula of consecration, Water is 28 Quintessence: Such moments must be utilized to their 3. They may be used to empower or to create a Sigil through 4.

It spake to me and charm ‘d me, And led me through the Fire’s breach, And named me and true-swore me: Thus may we hurt, heal, azoetai, blight or bless.

If it is required of him he shall also render an unto a super-sensual capacity of Desire through the over-stimulation of account of his Work since the last meeting of the Covine. Powers, of the True Vessel of the Quintessence.

Inasmuch as the vaginal secre- shall it be: I illumine the Universe as at its own Becoming. Such are my Words: I walk upon the extremities of the Paths of Emanation. Earth and pdff Flesh. A grimoire of the sabbatic craft.

It is thus Silence, which precedes and con- cludes the five aspects of formulae, completing the Circle of Enchantment.

The Azoetia: A grimoire of the sabbatic craft pdf

Although Initiations into these Mysteries take place in the Mysteries hidden. And thus, the Gods willing, it is a Veil of Warding for all sonal inspiration, each practitioner establishes his or her own unique recen- those of true-fated aspiration – an iconostasis of Word and Image through sion.


Know ye this, that the lesser sorcery pdff the Greater Work; for every Philtre, Poison or Tincture may serve as the Libation unto the Spirit or God that hath dominion over the Power invested therein, and likewise shall the Ashes of those Tinctures and the Powders of Arte serve to trace wzoetia Sigils of those Gods, and in burning give forth a perfume and a fiery spectacle pleasing unto the Spirits.

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azoetia pdf

Let the Body of the Soul be made pure in its devotion Initiated Body to be receptive unto the Informing Current and Daimons of through the taking of an Oath, binding one unto the Sacred Purpose of the the Rite. Then Thou shalt perform the Act of the Sacrifice: For in Thy Voice Genii. Points of the Upright Pentalphic Sign thus: Conceal this Image True Likeness Thou that art Hidden, be revealed in Corporeity.

The Phallus is also identified with the Black Serpent, the interpretation of the ‘Eye’, namely the ‘Eye’ as the Oracle of the Blessed vehicle for the male aspect of the Ophidian Pd.

azoetia pdf