In the s, the popularity of reggae caught the attention of the emerging FM radio stations. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Consequently, only a few keen Kenyan listeners would identify such songs as reggae especially when the singers are not Rastafarians or lack Jamaican slang and accent. Articles lacking sources from April All articles lacking sources. Even more significant is the position of the Rastafarian movement within the social-economic divide between the middle class and the poor lower class population of the Kenyan urban areas. For example, those serving the eastern side were famous for ragga while those serving Kangemi were known for pop, RnB and the developing hip hop styles.

bafu chafu mungiki mp3

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In Kenya, reggae music is accessed through radio stations, night mungik, public service vehicles commonly known as ‘matatus’, private CD collections, ml3 CD compilations, shared MP3 collections, YouTube and other websites.

This is in the choice of the name Rastrut and the use of the characteristic Green-Yellow-Red as the background colours of the show. Reggae music is so loved in Kenya that it is common to hear Kenyan youth speaking Jamaican Patois on the streets of Nairobi especially in the slum areas. Drop Zone Assembly, airing on Hot 96 has also been receiving positive response from the masses.

Bafu Chafu Mungiki Free Mp3 Download

In mungki early s, during the explosion of personal and portable music systems, it became fashionable for matatus privately owned public service vehicles to blast loud music despite protests by passengers and the illegality of the practice. The reggae bands Chaka Lion and Survivors are based in Dagoretti.

Dancehall mostly focuses on love songs in an urban setting.

Views Read Edit View history. Examples of words added to the Sheng vocabulary are. There are Kenyan Rastafarians who learnt English by listening to reggae music and reggae fans.

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The spotting mungikk dreadlocks by Kenyan women and men is not always an indicator of their inclinations to the Rastafarian movement or their love for reggae music. The show was presented by veteran reggae DJ Jeff Mwangemi. Reggae styling of Kenyan gospel songs. Even today, the average Kenyan associates the Rastafarian green, yellow and red regalia with Mungiki although the Mungiki sect officially identifies itself with the colours green, white, red and black.


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Due to the value attached towards cannabis by some reggae musicians and sections of the Rastafarian movement, reggae music is seen by some Kenyan youth as an expression of the licence to engage in unrestrained indulgence.

A glaring example is a Kikuyu gospel song titled Tiga nii We which is an exact reproduction of Back to my Roots by Lucky Dube, the only difference been the substitution of the original English lyrics with gospel content in the Kikuyu language.

bafu chafu mungiki mp3

During one of their visits to Kenya, they witnessed the tragic state of the Kibera slums in the capital city of Nairobi and composed the song Nairobi. A great interest in the music was inspired from the early days while reggae was still regarded as gangstars or rebellion music by hafu then administration.

It is also the only Kenyan media station that specifically associated reggae music with the religious and cultural ideals of the Rastafarian movement. Some Kenyan fans of Roots reggae express disappointment with the emergence of Dancehall reggae. Rita Marley’s bavu, Harambee is derived from the slogan call introduced by the former and first President of Kenya, Jomo Kenyatta, who was a Kikuyu.

bafu chafu mungiki mp3

The mingling of Kenyan Rastafarians with the murderous acts of the Mungiki sect only tarnished the reputation of the rasta movement and reggae music further.

Reggae by country Kenyan music. The state of reggae music in Kenya cannot be divorced from the Kenyan versions of the Rastafarian baru and the matatu sub-culture of Nairobi.

bafu chafu mungiki mp3

For many years, Kenyan reggae gigs were promoted through posters that featured pictures of the artists or graphics suggestive of struggles against colonialism. Articles lacking sources from April All articles lacking sources. The usage of the words massive and man like were creations of DJ.


It should be noted, however that in some parts of Kenya and among some social groups, especially those in the coast province, rasta-colours are often associated with social groups that have nothing to do with either reggae or Rastafarians and may have a connection with drug dealing and petty theft.

Some DJs create mix-tapes or remixes of songs and then announces their own names over the remixes and unintentionally creating the impression that the songs are their own works. Some researchers Horace Campbell associate the origin of the dreadlocks of the Rastafarian movement with those of the Kikuyu freedom fighters who were branded Mau Mau by the colonial authorities.

As atKTN is the only Kenyan television station that has ever had a show dedicated to reggae. It should be noted that in Kenya, the words DJ and MC are ambiguous and refer to traditional DJs who popularise music, music re-sellers and events organisers.

Due to their low-class and peri-urban status, many Kikuyu matatu drivers, conductors and operators who were reggae lovers inadvertently became members of the Mungiki movement.

Rasta culture offer them a flexible language and a cultural worldview that accommodates people of their economic class. Lucky Dube is the most emulated reggae artiste in Kenya.

Artists such as Ecspedition Donteh have inspiration from people deviating on the original kenyan or african culture when everyone was for each one and not a system where everyone did their own way ,and others have great ifluences from people like lucky dube and african slave children like bob marley and luciano respectively.