This patch showcases what would be eventually introduced in the final Patches Battlefield v1. View Outlawz7’s IP Address. Also hier ist der 1 Part zu Battlefield 2 www. I had two versions of the file, so have placed them both in a zip file.

bf2 omnicide 2.5

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Modifications Parallel World 0. Zombies There are now 7 different zombies.

In order to get to the carrier, you have to find a comm room radio and call in a helicopter. Also hier ist der 1 Part zu Battlefield 2 www. Omniccide there is another copy of my video I will have to flag.

Omnicide (BF2 Mod) – Project Reality Forums

Omnicide v2 – The Beginning StriatusGaming. The official final V1. View All 2, Articles. Desert Combat Desert Combat. Modified animations – Reload and draw animations have slowed down, forcing conservation of ammunition and proper marksmanship.

This is the highly anticipated demo ojnicide Battlefield 2.

Yes, it’s that time again! So congrats if you made it all the way through this video!


bf2 omnicide 2.5

Remake the popular Special Forces map for the normal Battlefield 2. View All 3, Articles. Omnicide Mod Thread Looks good, might have to have a play with it later.

Extension Pack No.2 v2.5 Full

Only problem is that with a group of people this is far to easy as you’ve said in your suggestions post. Last edited by vilhelm; at I was very impressed with the mod, and I made a few suggestions on their forums. He takes 3 times more bullets in order to die.

Let’s play Omnicide Episode 1 Manitoloco. Read the ‘readme’ for all the updates! Find More Posts by hiberNative. A new update for Battlefield is now ombicide and all official servers have moved to this new version.

It is the full game.

Game Mods: Extension Pack No.2 v Full | MegaGames

This is the installer that is compatible with newer versions of windows: WW, last remaining german troops resist on sylt, the nothernmost island of the North Frisian Island Group. Moderation Options for Cpl. Battlefield 2 zombie mod L11A Today i decided to return back to the classic Omnicide Zombie Mod Its the first mod i ever played for Battlefield 2 along with AIX I hope you like this and see you supporting this format change: For example, one map is from Warlord, but is limited just 2.5 the mosque, and a number of rooms have been blocked off.


The second official beta V1. Find More Posts by Polka.

Omnicide Mod – Carrier Escape

Changes include Modified Vanilla maps – Small sections with linear defend-retreat-defend areas. There’s one modified to -play with the last version of the Merc’.

bf2 omnicide 2.5

Zombie Mosque and Carrier Escape -Hidden “super gun” -New gamemode, more zombies, more angry zombies. Hint for launching the game: