Sadly we’ve come to the end. That’s not to say it doesn’t do the job but it can be a real pain to figure out something as simple as how to get properly started, never mind how to use ADPTools for the purpose for which it was intended. Well, ToolTypes is one of the Amiga’s standard ways of specifying application start-up preferences. Syquest speed is 17ms. If they can be used as a pure expansion, is there any loss of speed while they are being accessed? Many applications these days will automatically add one or more Assign commands to your boot procedure upon installation.

bfpl cedar bop

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So, if Final Writer exceeds your current require- ments – whatever your Document Processing needs, whatever your Amiga – SoftWood will still have the Perfect Package for you It’s nothing spectacular but it is certainly worth the small extra cost.

bfpl cedar bop

Before you can access it, you’ll need to decompress the archive using the technique detailed on the previous two pages. You can get at them via the Information item in the Icons menu of Workbench.

Provided you are prepared to read and read then read some more – and put in the necessary keyboard time – becoming an Amiga expert is no more difficult than cedae anything else. Paul N orris Moon co in Co.

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Oh come on, don’t whinge! In case there are any Scottish TV presenters reading, the stress is on the second syllable, not the first. Hard Drive – Exactly the same thing as a hard disk. Accelerator cards have room on them to add memory chips so, if you are hankering after more memory and speed but can’t afford both at once, be aware that if you continued bkp page 1 7 all the other applications that are using the library have also left.


Import, scale, crop, view on screen and output structured EPS clip-art images Final Writer is supplied with a hundredbflp, on any printer?

Often a bracketed ToolType will contain a list of options for that particular ToolType, between angled brackets bkp the right of boo equals sign. This icon’s for general Amiga- related CEHERiul queries or This is the icon you’ll find next to queries related to questions that don’t fall under other headings.

To start you on the road to success we present a Jargon Busting Special, two pages of explanations of important computer and Amiga related words and phrases. Bartte with pirates across a galaxy of different worlds, trade or smuggle goods or become a pirate yourself. Believe me, almost anything is more interesting that batch processing images!


nop A mail order purchase from INDI is a safe and secure decision and here’s why. You’ll see the Amiga Shopper icon appear on the screen. Wet ware – Stuff between your ears. The easiest way to do this is to open a Shell window and then type the following at the prompt: The trouble is that there are lots of different computer data file formats.

When you boot the Amiga the entire contents of this drawer are copied to the ENV: For office use only: This all works well until the day you decide to move the Wonder File drawer to bdpl location on your hard disk. This was originally designed by Commodore and has now been licensed to DKB for manufacturing and marketing. It’s new, that’s all. Ask the Epson printer driver to print data on a Hewlett-Packard printer and he will happily give It a go, but as he doesn’t know how to properly operate a Hewlett-Packard the results wilt always be garbage.


You know that programs come on disks. Textures Various textures including woods, stonework, etc. Any program looking specifically for Workbench3. No matter which Amiga you bought, if you are doing a lot of word processing or desktop publishing you will obviously need a printer. Fitting a fairly large hard drive is not a problem — the interface for that is already inside the machine.

Then you’ll find all the source code, includes and header files required to compile the address cedaf program yourself. To be honest my remedy would be to cut my losses, get rid of any synth that had this type of echo problem and get one that didn’t!

bfpl cedar bop

The only way to “upgrade” your FX is to give it back to the mice and buy a more modern printer. Rexxc bit from the list following the Path command, after which you may delete the Rexxc drawer – otherwise just leave an empty Rexxc drawer on the disk so that the Path command will not fail.