This game has unused cinematics. The “old” versions of the cutscenes, using the term Tohunga, are still present in the files. Jala acknowledges Papu and Rangi for choosing Ta-Koro as the place of fire. A map for speaking to Matoro without Nuju. Seems that Ga-Koro files were used pretty often as placeholders

bionicle mata nui online game

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Just follow the link and feel free to shoot out an audition.

bionicle mata nui online game

Non-silhouetted closeups depict Akamai instead of Noline. Thanks for all your support! Out of the dark caves and into the bright lush jungles of Le-Wahi. Unknown what this area’s purpose was, besides potentially being for one of the scrapped Onu-Koro sidequests. They also hope to release a physical copy for PC, complete with a box based on original designs featured in LEGO advertising campaigns, which were surprisingly extensive at the time for a game that never came out. No sound, EXCEPT for the sound of a pick striking a rock when a miner strikes a rock with his pick, something that doesn’t happen in the final version.

Placeholder text file for a conversation with Pohatu in scene IX. The fan only talks about everyone being home sick. The re-release also omits several text files that were used for members of the Chronicler’s Company at different points on their journey to the Kini-Nui. The Legend of Mata Nui features six boss fights and only one of these, Vatuka-Nui Earth Spirithad a listed name in the files that the Beaverhouse team received.


Fall FunSeptember The GBA game ended with a special cutscene showing the mythical Toa arriving on the island of Mata Onoine, an exciting tease for a planned PC-exclusive sequel called Bionicle: Log in Sign up.

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Wairuha’s Kanohi Rua is gold instead of silver. LEGO has every legal right to shut this project down, but Beaverhouse has been told that won’t happen. The bricks finally aligned for Beaverhouse on February 1,when some of the original alpha files for Mata Nui were anonymously emailed to their site, the BioMedia Project.

In addition, the cutscene in which Toa Tahu and the player meet at the beach’s edge is removed from its place in-game although it is still viewable in the Book of Chronicles. This is the testing version of the flute. Another item with quantity, it’s programming is less complete than the others, the check for quantity doesn’t even save to the right variable.

An unused conversation room for Kapura for the start of the Company gathering portion of the game. I can still semi-decently translate Matoran.

Mata Nui – Wikipedia

It is possible the music was removed because it clashes rather badly with the atmosphere of the scene. Watch the gameplay video above to see a working version of The Legend of Mata Nui in action. This version of the game only became available as of Aprilwhen Templar Studios uploaded it to their site access it here.


The Bionicles notoriously took aesthetics and ideologies from Polynesian cultures, most notably the power-granting masks that the characters wear, which draw heavily from the Tiki masks of Hawaii. MNOG casting call approaching.

Bionicle: Mata Nui Online Game – Any% in by MiyKam [PB] : speedrun

Log in or sign up in seconds. Am I the only one who overthinks the state of workers in Onu-Koro? This game has revisional differences. The ‘live’ nature of the game also meant that smaller changes could easily be rolled out to existing areas.

bionicle mata nui online game

Swing back to Po-Koro and you will find that Akhmou is gone not that anyone cared in the slightest and talk to Onewa to get a golden chisel. The rumoured boss, Makuta, as seen in Mata Nui Online.

Once everyone flees the hive, the Le-Koro people dance-boogie up a storm while Lewa receives a fake Golden mask as Matau has a deceptive trolling sense of laugh-humor.

Mata Nui Online Game

This release was an altered version of the offline edition. But there is a significant amount of Bionicle lore established outside of the games for them to fall back on. These Mata Nui games were jui god damn obsession.