But they strike up a camaraderie which is resented by Mahendra, which brings about a new found frigidity in their friendship. This book is a translation of Tagore’s book, written in a different era when things were whole lot different. You would want more of more out of the story but you know you will not and that is the rawness of it all. Tagore died before independence but his contribution to the freedom movement lives on and likewise, his fictional prophecy regarding partition proved to be correct. Instead she falls in love with the simple, honest and upright Behari, Mahendra’s childhood friend, who everyone ignores and takes for granted, until Mahendra reveals himself for the immature child in man’s body that he is. A woman as strong-willed as her could not live knowing how much she had wronged others, as she realized, albeit a little late.

chokher bali book in bengali pdf

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She convinces herself that if one confesses wrongdoing to god, the sin ceases to stain the conscience, as her Catholic tutor had once taught her.

Chokher Bali as PDF ebook by Rabindranath Tagore | Bengali ebook pdf

On the other hand, the mild-hearted and soft spoken Asha becomes a stronger, more thoughtful person. It’s a beautiful family drama that transpires in a pre-independence Indian household.

View all 4 comments. That’s how Bangla society was at that time. The character of Binodini is a debatable one. Binodini is confident, in control of her sexuality, and an intellectual who enjoys reading Bengali literature. The emotions towards the end of the book were beautifully written and the way the characters repent their mistakes and voice them out for the first time was heart moving. Want to Read Currently Reading Read.


Chokher Bali By Rabindranath Tagore

Or especially when it comes to those we love. No, this is not an exaggeration just because it was written by a famous personality but really it was something deep and touching. The book ends with Mahendra returning home a changed man though still immature in many ways. No wonder this is one of his most acclaimed novels. Chokher is of or in the eye, bali e is the grain of sand.

chokher bali book in bengali pdf

There are times when the book tests the modern ball willingness to suspend disbelief, but they are neither frequent nor are they inconceivable in the period the book is set. This is one of those books that motivate me to take up Bengali again Chokher Bali is a melodramatic and rather sexual tale of family, love and loss.

Chokher Bali

The translation by Radha Chakravarty is precise and clear. Paperbackpages. The archaic laws of a British era Bengal deprived her of an actual life. View all 15 comments. It does make me feel good about how far we’ve come with women’s rights and chokjer. Sadly Mahin is no Rhett Butler.

Quotes from Chokher Bali. On this pretext, the first cracks form in his relationship with his mother who suddenly feels jilted and displaced from her earlier position of undivided adulation in her son’s affections.

Binodini is an amazing character and Z Ban I was once depressed and despondent for a hook after reading Gone with the Wind.

chokher bali book in bengali pdf

I felt that he was a spoilt brat who only looked down on people and only saw what people had begali offer him. The prologue by Sreejata Guha is a very powerful one.


chokher bali book in bengali pdf

I vouch that once you get into the skin of the “Haveli” and pddf characters, you would not stay much away from the bengxli of “Maacher Jhol”, and the coolness of the fragrant breeze, and the quiet murmur of dried leaves, and the vehement downpour of the raindrops. She, in turn is perplexed bbook the language used and takes it to the Catholic nun who had schooled her in her youth.

Tagore weaves the character of Bali masterfully with multiple brush strokes and presents her circumstances, both, as a product of the culmination of the social ills of the day as well as her own weakness. Let me clarify that rating: Binodini was a beautiful and educated woman and her rapport with Rajalakshmi gradually endeared her to the rest of the household with her witticisms and austerity.

This rating is more for the translation. A tale of family, love, loss and moving on. This book too is well written, with an insight to the souls of every vengali depicted. The sanctity of the marriage bond has been questioned often enough but in those days, the very thought of such indiscretion would warrant ostracization.