Wood 18 points. I kinda prefer it tho its non-identical. Civilization 2 Hi all, not sure if this has been posted before, if it has I apologize! Originally Posted by crhylove. There is actually a bug actively being worked on in Wine that is preventing game play, and apparently a user recently even had success loading a saved game, which is a step in the right direction, as that was previously impossible. Is the Civilization 2 works on Windows 8. I cannot wait to get back into the game on windows

civ2 exe

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I’ve often mused on hiring a developer to fork freeciv and make it a better civ 2 clone.

civ2 exe

Double Click the Setup. All that being said, seriously this will start a flame war, Freeciv sucks. Anonymouse 20 points.

civ2 exe

August 3rd, 4. Be ready to hunker down for several weeks as you bring your faction from the stone age to the stars! June 7th, 2. Exd so cheap, I squeeze every quarter until the eagle craps in my hand.

Civilization 2 Do you know about freeciv? Write a comment Share your gamer memories, help others to run the game or comment anything you’d like. The FACE 20 points.


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He who asks is a fool for five minutes, but he who does not ask remains a fool forever. Eexe 17 points. Conflicts in Civilizationdon’t miss it! MikeyInTheD 21 points. Civ II is not just bigger on your disc; it is a much longer game—you won’t knock out Civ II in an evening. List of new games here Follow us on Facebook or Twitter. Playa 21 points Windows version.

Then use you cursor to click on the dialog boxes. I also understand that it has incrementally improved over the years due to their tireless efforts. Bookmarks Bookmarks Digg del.

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The 28 mb download works great in my Xp virtualbox! If the civ2xp64patcher file doesn’t help, you have a 16 bit program. Which still makes it xiv2 3 times more fun than freeciv. The city-planning AI is relatively weak, and the priority of city improvements it uses makes it unuseful as a time-saver until late game; the more granular approach in Alpha Centauri is far better, but it has its roots here. Cavebear 17 points. I cannot wait to get back into the game on windows Civilization 2 Hi all, not sure if this has been posted before, if it has I apologize!


Steve 25 points. Xiv2 the worst game I ever bought, but certainly one I never expect to play again.

A minor point, this is great! Developer MicroProse Software, Inc.

Sid Meier’s Civilization II

I was able to start a game, I saved the game, I ran a few turns, I saved again, and I loaded up a saved game that I had played on the PeeCee. So disappointed since I had it working on Windows 10 without a virtual machine previously. Good News and Bad News, and an inevitable flame war. Check out the civfanatics website for more infos, tips and strategy: PG 20 points.