Cooldown increased from 3 to 8. People are being dramatic. Friendly AI heroes have been buffed. Press a button for aoe slow is not exactly dynamic. They could of handled it in multiple different ways such as enforcing a 2 Vs 2 and 1 Vs 1 lane which leads to more fights which means it’s less standing and waiting and allows more decisions to be made by both sides. Makes sense as he’s a bruiser but I’ll miss you super jump! I dont get it

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To be honest, I don’t have any problem with this change. Updated names and descriptions for all g44 buffs: I think murdock still takes the top spot but just a free 12 auto attacks if I connect 12 auto attacks. This is a conditional passive effect, which is much harder than a “press q” ability. I agree that JUST farming was easy.

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Just means a different player base I guess. Abilities already do incredibly reduced damage to towers, this won’t even be noticed. There is a lot I wanna see in game before I scrutinise this. It’s a perfectly cromulent reference. Cz way Epic has approached this they all increase your damage, but not by as much as the old first dragon did.


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WHAT is confusing about last-hitting?? Base Health Regen increased from 1. The part I would disagree with is that this is any different than early Paragon But what I really hate is how they keep adding passive abilities to kits which take up ability slots. Range c44 from to Increased the power of Gideon’s Black Hole. Under Kwang it says you have fixed the bug that causes “heavens fury” to proc multishot.

Last hitting should be trivial from now on. We emphasized this in this patch hoping match time drop further.

Lord Volstok Reduced gold lost every 10 seconds from to Just a confusing update all around, I don’t think I am liking where they seem to want their .14 to be going. Minion waves now remain at 4 per wave for the entire tutorial. Nobody is confused by last hits and if they are that lasts like 3 matches. But wtf is that execute minions 1. A good player can both harass, kill, or force the enemy team out of their lane AND get last hits all at the same time.

Level Up fanfare moved to v444 middle to be closer to abilities since ability points are a main reward for leveling. No, but it is power defining. Makes sense as he’s a bruiser but I’ll miss you super jump! I don’t see vv44 this makes the game any more directly confrontational except for at the lower MMR levels where people can’t juggle both tasks well enough to accomplish both on a regular basis.


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A good carry didn’t miss last hits, a bad one did so falls behind in farm, now everyone has Cull the Weak inherently even on abilities and the hp bars change colour to let you know when you can last hit. AI heroes now have custom decks that better fit their default roles. Awareness comes with experience and is supposed to be part of the skillset needed to be successful. And the last hitting minion thing Added options to separately set ally or enemy minion health bars to always show, never show, or show when damaged.

We already move pretty dang fast, this should mean rotating is at extra-lightening speed again.