Canon calls in to discuss Loose Canon Vol. Lecrae – “Read Me” – Benjah feat. Upper room – feat. Tune in this week for a special episode of The Wade-O Radio Show as theBreax stopped by to talk about a little bit of everything. All that and new music from K-Drama and Young Joshua tune in! Now instantly when I saw that I thought how crazy we can get over things that can easily disappear in our lives.

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Wade-O sits down with Pro and talks about his new album Redemption. Tune in to hear him share how God has moved in his life in a powerful way, despite being in the midst of a divorce and essentially embarking on a new chapter in life.

Full Interview with B. Also, we got new music from 7vn Seal, DJ Nicholas, and many more. Since his last album he’s been working a lot on his new project “Beginnings”. New Joint of the Week: Wade – Legacy Conference Recap.


dj tizz nike man mp3

Marz Ferrer has quickly become one of the go-to people in our scene for songwriting, vocal performance and hooks. Bad Meatloaf – New Joint of the Week: Also, we get a mix from DJ Ynot?

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Sat, 28 February Episode Sat, 27 November Episode Frontlynaz in the Building! Tune in to find out the full story of how they worked it out and how this very example can be used amongst other artist!

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Fri, 18 June Da Truth Restoration Interview Join us this week as we sit down with Emanuel Lambert Da Truth as he breaks his silence since he sat down from ministry in November due to moral failure in his marriage.

Pushing Forward Top 40 Countdown Pt. That weekend was amazing, and I look forward to going again next year! You definitely do not want to miss this episode. There is no way you should miss this episode.

Fri, 28 January Episode These days you can’t seem to go anywhere on the web without hearing about Lecrae! Park Slope Christian Tabernacle Address: How is this possible you ask?


Mon, 20 August Episode Pt.

dj tizz nike man mp3

Sat, 5 June Extinction Tour Promo: Jackie Hill Perry on Christians and Homosexuality. Mikel Anthony Direct download: Andy “C-Lite” Mineo 8. Fri, 12 February Wade – k-Drama is back! Canon “Loose Canon Vol. These are all issues that plague most inner cities.

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My face went blank and right away I was wondering if this was going to be something I’d enjoy. As we drove up to bike event, I was told that it was on a farm. In hour 2, Canon calls in to discuss Loose Canon Vol.

Rock with you feat.