Usual Comments These comments should be used in normal cases. There is no requirement for notification. Input and output operands should be named to avoid confusion, as shown in the following example: The biggest mbuf supported is 4KB. If the kernel allocates a lot of Grant pages, for example, if the user uses multiple net front devices, it is best to upgrade the Grant alloc driver. Casts and sizeof 1.

dpdk 1.3

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Retrieve Grant and configuration information from XenStore. In general, the naming scheme is as follows: Unused hugepage files are not cleared after initialization 7.

Note, however, to allow consistency across functions returning integer or pointer types, the previous approach is preferred for any new libraries.

Do not use function calls in initializers, except for const variables. Function Calls Do not use spaces after function names.

dpdk 1.3

If a match exists, it directly copies the packet to the matched VIrtio RX ring. Where already standard in a given library, the alternative error approach may be used where the negative value is not -1 but is instead -errno if relevant, for example, -EINVAL.


Read dpdl Docs v: The name section must align with the directory that the PMD code resides. Const Attribute The const attribute should be used epdk often as possible when a variable is read-only.

1. DPDK Coding Style

The mandatory fields are:. This is especially true when the function type is used as a parameter to another function.

dpdk 1.3

Discrepancies between statistics reported by different NICs 6. Exit Exits should be 0 on success, or 1 on failure. Before the Linux kernel version 3.

1. DPDK Xen Based Packet-Switching Solution

As with all style guidelines, code should match style already in use in an existing file. Typedefs Avoid using typedefs for structure types. Updating Applications from Previous Versions 5. DPDK provides infrastructure dpdi perform logging during runtime.

Release Notes — DPDK documentation

When the back end detects that a new Virtio device has been created in a guest domain, it will:. XenStore is a database that stores guest and host information in the form of key, value pairs. Normally, one ring is comprised of several pages. Virtio incorrect header length used if MSI-X is disabled by kernel driver 7.

Thus, the previous example would dpxk better written:.


dpdk 1.3

Bitfields The developer should group bitfields that are included in the same integer, as follows: With multiple guest mempools, the host establishes multiple address translation regions. They are expanded as a compiler builtin and allow the developer to indicate if the branch is likely to be d;dk or not.

However, it is expected that the recommendations should be followed in all but the rarest situations. The Virtio ring is created by the front end, and Grant table references for the ring are passed to host. Switching Back End 1.

Enumerations Enumeration values are all uppercase. The packet switching back end is continuously polling the Virtio TX ring. Definitions The function type should be on a line by itself preceding the function. Include files from the local application directory are included using quotes, while includes from other paths are included using angle brackets: