I have inserted the Date Picker successfully but need to formulate based on the date picked to show the ‘due date’ in the next column 30 days from date picked. By default, the Developer tab is hidden in Excel, but you can force it to appear in no time. How would I go about this please? OCX was shipped with Office , but is not included in later versions of Office. May 15, at 7: Hopefully you will find the information in this tutorial helpful.

dtpicker excel 2007

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dtpicker excel 2007

Or when you receive or download an Excel file, which day a date value is actually referring to? Thank you very much Mr. January 30, at Lynn John Walkenbach has a yearly calandar that can be downloaded from his site at: I really like this post. April 11, at This involves a process known as debugging. BTW – there’s no way of getting dtpjcker calendar control on Excel bit, at least not for the time being, and this is one of the reasons I had to revert to the bit version, but now the bit version doesn’t let me add the Date Time control No macro or VBA is required.


The equation editor is a great tool for adding mathematical equations into your document. I have an online excel sheet i am working on and it has a lot of date columns, hence, i need to add a date picker to the excel dtpkcker sheet so all other users can adhere strictly to my date format.

Installing the Date Picker

November 8, at 6: In the Settings section you can: Same problem is with 32bit windows XP or 64bit Windows 7. Hi, thanks for an idea, but calendar component is not what I want. Sorry this didn’t help.

April 2007, at 2: However, when I open the folder I can see the file there and it appears fine. You can change the language of the user interface of the Date Picker in: An in-cell icon button appears.

dtpicker excel 2007

See some screenshots to get a quick idea or Download and try it. Copyright and license information. There is no official replacement for the much-loved date picker in the bit version of Officeas shown in the following article and forum post by Microsoft: I’ve registered my mscomct2.

Dtpicked won’t respond when I click on it.

Excel Date Picker, a Pop-up Calendar for Excel

I didn’t know it doesn’t work with office 64 bit. Share it with others Like this thread? I Have a column for due dates, next to that I have a column for a specific time As an example, let’s add 1 year and 60 days to April 1, Generally you don’t need this button to display the pop-up calendar, as the in-cell icon button is shown automatically when you click a date cell.


dtpicker excel 2007

By default, the in-cell icon button is displayed automatically when you click a cell which is: 2070 13, at 5: Using these features, you can easily create a weekly or monthly calendar with your own photos and special occasion days such as birthdays or anniversaries. To insert it in your sheet, just do the following:.


This was a great help! If dpicker is pushed, I would like the calendar to appear in the followup cell O3where a new date is selected but the color is red. If the target cell is not formatted as date, you can choose to have Pop-up Excel Calendar set a date format automatically.