The shame and disgrace that justly attended so great a breach of truth and fidelity, drove the unhappy wretch to such despair that he proved his own executioner; and so abhorred was even his memory, that he was denied the rites and ceremonies of burial used to the dead in those times; instead of which, his body was suffered to lie upon the sands of the seashore in the Isle of Samos, to be devoured by rapacious animals. All the secrets of Masons, in Masons, to which this here press with thumb-nail the first joint hard token alludes. The Master, being aware of this fact, will say: There are over a hundred illustrations, all reproduced here, which show important details of the rituals, including gestures and symbolic pictures. What are the three great lights in Masonry? They are the process of what we do. How did you know it to be a door, being hoodwinked?

duncans ritual of freemasonry pdf

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The internal, and not the external qualifications of a man, are what Masonry regards. Letter it, and begin. Masonry over time has been secret, true. Rough ashler is a stone in its rough and natural state; the perfect ashler is also a stone, made ready by the working-tools of the fellow craft, to be adjusted dumcans the building; and the trestle-board is for the master workman to draw his plans and designs upon.

All in favor of it, make it known by the usual sign; the contrary, the same.

What do the seven steps allude to? By being divested of all metals, neither naked nor clothed, barefoot nor shod, hoodwinked, with a cable-tow twice about gitual right arm, in which condition I was conducted to the door of a Freemmasonry by a brother. He looks in the box, and says: How is it represented? What is the form and covering of a Lodge?


This virtue alludes to the Mason’s obligation, which is the Guttural.

duncans ritual of freemasonry pdf

If Tuesday should be Lodge night, by Masons it would be termed, “Tuesday evening on or before the full of the moon, a regular night.

On being brought to light, what did you first discover? As you are yet uninformed, your conductor will answer for you. Why were they cast hollow? A listening ear, a silent tongue, and a faithful heart. I did not; but my conductor gave it for me, Q.

DUNCAN’S Masonic Ritual and Monitor

Turning to the Secretary’s desk, he continues. By ears of corn hanging near a water-ford.

duncans ritual of freemasonry pdf

See Note a, Appendix. The attentive ear receives the sound from dpf instructive tongue, and the mysteries of Masonry are safely lodged in the repository of faithful breasts. What was said to you from within?

FREEMASON BOOKS – Masonic books to Read Online, Download or Buy

He avows airs belief and trust in God: Some say it this way, viz.: Here, if any brother has any thing against or for Mr. If the Lodge is opened on the First Degree, there might be present those who had taken only one degree, and, if the brother arriving late should be ignorant of this fact, and make a Third Degree sign, they would see it; consequently, caution on this point should always be given to such brethren by the Tyler, before entering the Lodge.

To what do they allude? A petition for the degrees of Masonry is generally received at a “regular” though, as a common thing, Grand Lodges of each State make such arrangements as they may deem best for the regulation of their several subordinate Lodges.

Table of Contents – Duncan’s Masonic Ritual

Senior Deacon makes candidate take the Junior Warden by the right hand. Now, laxov, a dog, or evil worker, is the masonic cowan. The lapse of time, the ruthless hand of ignorance, and the devastations of war have laid waste and destroyed many valuable monuments of antiquity on which the utmost exertions of human genius have been employed.


The seven Sabbatical years, seven years of famine, seven years of war, seven years in building the Temple, seven golden candlesticks, seven wonders of the world, seven planets; but, more especially, the seven liberal arts and sciences, which are grammar, rhetoric, logic, arithmetic, geometry, music, and astronomy. It is so far interwoven with religion as to lay us under obligations to pay that rational homage to the Deity, which at once constitutes our duty and our happiness.

But he has no option.

duncans ritual of freemasonry pdf

JOHN, 1 do hereby and hereon Master presses candidate’s hand with the gavelmost solemnly and sincerely promise and swear that I will always hail, and ever rreemasonry, and never reveal any of the secret arts, parts, or points of the Fellow Craft Degree to any person whomsoever, except rtiual be to a true and lawful brother of this degree, or in a regularly constituted Lodge of Fellow Crafts; nor unto him or them until, by strict trial, due examination, or lawful information, I shall find him, or them, as lawfully entided to the same as I am myself.

I was therefore placed there to receive my first instructions where to build my future Masonic and moral edifice.