It is almost totally dead, with very little water and no rain. However, humans are totally unaffected. This page was last edited on 25 June , at Following the subsequent standoff Thorden offers to join the Challenger on its search for Earth. Worth noting is that though many science fiction novels eschew travelling faster than light, this one follows that convention but also makes use of it in several situations to further the plot, time, or both. Unrevealed to the crew, the Angels who are the ship’s control computers; their name being an acronym of AN cillary G uardian of E nvironment and L ife have their own agenda. When the crew open the door, they enter the tower, leaving Peeron and his people outside.

earthsearch james follett

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But the children, who were very young when they came on board, have been awake the whole time, and are now about twenty years old. Pauline Letts Solaria had previously played the role of Tandor in Earthsearch. Top class reading, old chaps. He is one of the most popular British authors, measured by the numbers of books borrowed from public libraries in the UK. With jxmes assistance of their android Erathsearch, the crew manage to destroy Kraken and regain control of the ship.


They discover that the artificial sun is now in the grip of the gravity well of a black holeand that the Challenger is following it. Now suffering catastrophic delusions about seizing the power of stars, Kraken is placing the ship at drastic risk.

Unfortunately for them, they underestimated the amount of damage that earthdearch result, not only to the ship but themselves. Articles needing additional references from April All articles needing additional references.


Earthsearch Trilogy by James Follett

He admits aerthsearch having been the source of the attacks which have damaged the angels but states that they were a programming directive which he has jmaes overridden. The adults are gassed by a surgical android and fall unconscious.

However, the planet does not look like the Earth that the crew have seen in recordings. Angel rated it liked it Jul 11, The Angels are using terraforming equipment from the Challenger to melt the ice and thus raise the sea level in an attempt to get the crew to rejoin them on the ship.

Earthvoice has already communicated with the Angels, presenting himself as friendly and subservient.

earthsearch james follett

The series is notable for not violating the known laws of physics by introducing faster than light travel. While welcoming, the female-dominated Underpeople have chosen to stabilize their society by keep their men almost permanently in suspended animation, reviving them only temporarily to serve as sperm sources for impregnation.

Earthsearch (Earthsearch, book 1) by James Follett

When Darv locates foolett Spaceguard’s gravitational control room and reverses the field, he frees the Challenger but at the cost of destroying Spaceguard Six. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. The plot of the first series is also somewhat similar to the Space: The lock is ignorance. A sequel, Earthsearch 2 was broadcast between January and March Following the subsequent standoff Thorden offers to join the Challenger on its search for Earth. The Sentinel on the moon tells the crew that it was dragged away by its inhabitants half-a-million years ago.


Arriving in the Novita Six system, the Challenger finally reaches its original home, Earth.

earthsearch james follett

With no suitably colonisable planet found after over a hundred years of searching, a crew-vote is taken and the Challenger sets a course for the return to Earth.

When rejected by the suspicious humans, the Angels resort to sabotage on a planetary scale, using terraforming equipment from the Challenger to melt Paradise’s polar ice caps and thus raise the sea level in an attempt to get their former crew to rejoin them on earthseatch ship.

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earthsearch james follett

The crew fly down to the village, and meet Peeron, the leader. However, their situation deteriorates to the point where they have no more water to drink, so they eventually surrender to the Angels. Want to Read Currently Reading Read.

The ship originally had 3 angels in charge, seemingly giving sufficient redundancy should one computer malfunction. However the design of the Angels was itself flawed, with the general mode of failure the development of megalomaniac tendencies. Simply attaching a refrigeration system to eaarthsearch door and cooling it a few degrees causes the door to shrink and move freely.

There is very little water, and no rain. Thanks for telling us about the problem. Elka appears friendly and enthusiastic, but Bran is now both hostile and the commander of the Challenger.