Upon installation, all components is placed to the separate page in components palette with name – ‘EhLib’. When in the title then STFilter doesn’t support edit line to enter filter expression. Sign up or log in Sign up using Google. It is very usefull. The property allows you to setup lookup relationship in the grid columns. Just few weeks ago I have the same situation when I scrolled grid using mouse wheel.

ehlib 5.6

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ListSource defines the list of values in drop-down list, ListField defines field whose values are displayed in drop-down list, KeyField identifies the field in the ListSource dataset whose value will takes to build filter expression.

Page 1 of fhlib.

The property consists of the following sub-properties: Allows to show bitmaps from TImageList depending on field eulib. Boolean – Specifies whether to draw the badge-triangle. This property will be used when lookup inplace editor in the grid or LookupComboBox have focus. To force Delphi IDE to move compontes to the default place on components palette do next: The Upper left cell can react as button, draw the badge-triangle, and display the dropdown menu on mouse clickling with ehlig of drawing global menu, which adjust using global property – DBGridEhCenter.


ANN: EhLib is available for download. –

Uhm, sorry for misleading you. Go to Russian forum Go to EhLib.

ehlib 5.6

DataVertGridEh – Grid for working with tabular information, but rotated 90 degrees. This variable controls the part of behaviour of the grids. Can filter data in various dataset’s. Default shortcut to show find dialog in the grid is ‘Ctrl-F’. Default value for property is True. This issue I resolved by adding handling of application messages.

ehlib 5.6

Allows to show the whole text of the edit control in special hint window if text does not fit in visible area. Monday, September 14, about 5 years ago.

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Boolean of object; BookmarkList is a list of bookmarks which need to move. Old will be deleted.

To form list of values in dropdown list of SubTitle filter automatically. Where the ImportClass parameter is one of the next classes: Dialog allows to find text in the grid: Automatic column resizing to set grid width equal client width. However, the first time that I attempted the patch, and I got to the end of the installation, I chose the option to automatically update the startup ehljb, and to start the PO and the Domain after clicking finish.


Dataset, which hold all its data in memory, furthermore can fetch data from other dataset’s, unload changes back to dataset and support special interface, that allow to view all data without changing active record. 5. the vertical placement of the text within the grid cell. TFont read FFont; property Background: Google [Bot] and 0 guests. You may themselves write data to the field and sets Processed in True.

EhLib, – Download Channel –

These components can be selected in object inspector by mouse clicking. This is also true of the header when you open an elhib. TreeLevel is a destination level in elib list, used only when grid connected to MemTableEh. Besides, you may write the event of this global object and it will be caused at activations of the similar event in any grid of the project. To form list of values in dropdown list of SubTitle filter automatically.