Input is not an international phone number! You are the bestower of auspiciousness and grace. Our most auspicious mother Sai who dwells in Puttaparthi is none other than Parvathi the supreme Goddess and consort of Lord Shiva. O destroyer of fear of cycle of birth and death! Thy Form is infinite bliss and infinite power. She is a divine beauty.

eka bilvam shivarpanam song

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We bow to Thee.

Eka Bilvam Shivarpanam Song – Download Bilvashtothara Shathanamavali Song Online Only on JioSaavn

Chant the many names of Mother of Universe, who removes danger and grants auspiciousness. A verification link has been sent on your Email ID. Victory to Mother Sai who dwells in Parthi. O Mother, the form of Shakthi divine energythe one who gives us liberation. Victory to Mother Durga Kali! Victory to the Mother who is Shiva’s half.

eka bilvam shivarpanam song

Chant the names of Mother of Universe, Mother: Victory to Durga; victory to Durga; victory to Durga, the Remover of all sins Victory to Durga; victory to Durga; victory to Bhavani, the Remover of fear of this world. Victory to the Mother, the One who sustains the Universe.

eka bilvam shivarpanam song

Thy form is bliss. Thy Form is infinite bliss and infinite power. Let us know you better Full Name. Mother Sai, embodiment of truth and love; Blissful, compassionate mother, she dwells within the heart and as Mother Sai she resides in Puttaparti; Remover of obstacles and destroyer of worldly fears, Goddess Shivzrpanam the protector; Bearer of the three worlds, the giver of auspiciousnes and granter of liberation; Blissful, compassionate mother, Mother Sai who resides in Puttaparti.



Sanskrit devotional Stotras / songs on Lord Shiva (free download)

Thou, in the Form of energy, pervades Three Worlds. O Radha and Krishna! O Mother, O bewitching beauty, destroyer of the three worlds, Satwa, Rajas and Tamas; You are an ocean of kindness and compassion; You have such a lovely and radiant face; You are so charming and so full of great qualities; You are the uplifter of the whole world; You provide salvation to those that have sinned; O Mother who lives in Puttaparthi, victory to You in your efforts to redeem mankind.

Worship the Lotus-eyed Mother Sai, Destroyer of evil, fear and bondage of birth and death. O ocean of Mercy! The Queen of all Goddesses! O Mother Sathya Sai, You are the great Goddess who ferries the entire world across the ocean of life and death. With a unique loyalty program, the Hungama rewards you for predefined action on our platform. Victory to Thee, Mother Sai. Labheshs iPhone 6s Active Save. This bhajan calls to the different Names and forms of Shakti – Shankari, Shambhavi, Shivankari – for protection: May You be victorious in this task.


O Mother Sai, bestow Thy Grace on us and lead us on the spiritual path.

Eka Bilvam Shivarpanam

O Mother, Kadambari, Kaarthyayini different names for Parvathi! O Uma, Sharada different names for Parvathiplease protect us.

O Giftor of Four Vedas! Victory to Goddess Kali, who is destroyer of death time. This bhajan praises Shakthi, the regal power which comprises the three worlds, the active power of energy of a Deity, especially Shiva. O Mother You are hilvam consort of Hari Vishnuthe bestower of happiness!

Yeka Bilvam Sivarpanam Songs

Praise to Mother Sai, Mother of all the worlds. Eternal joy of Lord Shiva, wife of Shiva, giver life, mother of all worlds, queen of queens.

Gauri, our auspicious Divine mother, spouse of Shiva in the form of Sai, Mother of all worlds, queen of queens, Ocean of compassion and supreme bestower of grace. It is in Brahma creative powerin Vishnu sustaining nilvamin Shiva destroying of evilsin Iccha Shakthi power of Willing and WishingAdi Shakthi the beginningless, primeval, causeless powerPara Shakthi power unlimited, Supreme Powerand Maha Shakthi power of powers.