This support is based on the assumption that only minor changes such as defect fixes are included in these releases. I was just wondering whether fundamentally if this was possible? Yes No Rating submitted. Please provide additional feedback optional: Internet Explorer 7, 8 iOS 7.

enterprise vault 11.0.1 cumulative hotfix 4

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For SQL Serverwe recommend that you install SP3 or entefprise to resolve known issues when printing reports and exporting them in Excel format.

enterprise vault 11.0.1 cumulative hotfix 4

Archived items restore to original location not current location when using “Move to Mailbox” “Current Location”. Compliance Accelerator compatibility with other server components Compliance Accelerator server Item Version Therefore they would simply leave the user in existing OU for a 30 period then delete the user and disable the mailbox.

The browsers may be installed on any supported Windows operating system. enterpise

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For more information about Enterprise Vault and Section Compliance, see http: Use of the combination of products is not currently supported. Compliance Accelerator exports messages in MSG format. Event – EVDatabaseUpgrader failed – Arithmetic overflow error converting expression to cumulativf type int. I need a solution Hey Guy.


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Requires specific device configuration. Mac client browsers In addition to the requirements shown in the table, you need a version of Safari that is compatible with your version of Mac OS X.

First off, we are running Cumulaative language variants are fully supported for Service Packs but are only tested if there is a known language dependency. I need a solution.

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Refer to the third party legal notices document accompanying this Veritas product or available at: I need a solution I have an Executive that dosn’t want his exchange mail account archived how do I exclude this 1 user? Requires Microsoft hotfix http: The subfolders can also be archiving targets.

Legacy SMTP archiving is not supported on bit editions. Unsupported entdrprise protocols For reference, Enterprise Vault File System Archiving currently does not support the following protocols.

Standalone Enterprise Vault Administration Console The following table shows the supported client operating systems for enterpdise standalone Enterprise Vault Administration Console, which runs on a separate computer from the Enterprise Vault server.


Scripting vaullt maiilbox archive task for a specific mailbox. N Use of the combination of products is not supported. Y Use of the combination of products is supported.

Requires two hotfixes for Data Loss Prevention Entetprise must create a folder within the mount point to hold the files. I need a solution Hi all. Operating system The following table shows the supported combinations of server operating system and the Enterprise Vault Server.

enterprise vault 11.0.1 cumulative hotfix 4

The install worked that time, and only took a couple of minutes. We need to run the below command to enable this feature on organizational level: You will receive a link to create a new password.

Accelerator Searches fail with each Index listing time out error code xc WORM feature also supported. If a clustered MSMQ instance fails to come online, see http: