In a city flush with rap money, it’s a travesty that there’s almost no interest in developing local artists. Part of the reason 50 was able to shit all over Ja Rule’s career so easily is cause he rapped openly about being a lovey-dovey sensualist rollin on X pills. That’s definitely me in the corner. Click this button to skip to the next video. Nuff respect to N. Rozay, keep ya fat ass in Boca.

ezale i aint trippin off nothin

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Ezale – Day Ones – ,

Trina been quiet for the past few years, but like a sexy strain of the shingles virus, she never really goes away. Ofv in spite of the obtrusive guiding track, it’s a revelation to see him rock the Tfippin in his prime, as a tangible figure who put on his jean ensembles one arm and pant leg at a time, whose primary concerns were crotch thrusts and moving the crowd.

Far from me to be an arbiter of what’s real and what’s not in the rap game, so let’s go to the drawing board.

ezale i aint trippin off nothin

A guy like Dr. Please select a valid image file.

I Ain’t Trippin Off Nothin

In addition to the fantastically arrogant and hateful break-up jam “Mr. Got the Game from the OG’s. Since finding the Berner-less Drought Season 3, ya boy been fixated on edited realities, correcting historical wrongs—strike “Mamacita” from Aquemenikeep the Great Gazoo out of Bedrock—but Game wears his Suga Free wig with such studied similitude Ima give him a pass this time.


What differentiates street rap from the gangsta rap of yore is the absence of the broad-stroke blockbusterisms and mythologizing of the latter. The whole song relies heavily on a kind of schoolboy homophobia, which is occasionally hilarious – the Tae Bo ho line is classic, “Gay-Z and Cock-A-Fella Records” glitters with dumb brilliance – but mostly amounts to uninspired namecalling. Shout Out To My Fans.

He’s from Philly, but don’t expect none of the grit or heat you associate wit Broad St. Ezale, I Ain’t Trippin off Nothin: Here are the songs I listened to that weren’t as good as this one, accompanied by takes so hot u gwan need ya oven mitts.

I’m only interested in one thing, rarely answered by the waist-up framing: In the midst of G-Unit’s campaign against the world, Jayceon even spouted off like, “Golly, I sure would like to collaborate with Jay-Z,” so ol’ heel-ass 50 was forced to piss all over his scrapbooker’s enthusiasm. To watch videos non-fullscreen: Lil George – Sauce Were the creative heights of Mafia worth the years of garbage that followed?

Log in to watch more. Posted by SE at 4: Whether or not reggaeton tickles your fancy, it possesses the same omnivorous capacity for hybridization that made rap the most dynamic cultural form of the past 40 years. Are you certain you want to delete this board? Daddy Yankee – Gasolina Remix ft.

The death of authenticity has preoccupied nerds since the dawn of the modern age, just ask ya horny professor who seduced students with Benjamin, Baudrillard, benzos and Bordeaux, or Fat Orson Welles chewin on steak in F for Fake.


ezale i ain t trippin off nothin official music video

Are they rocking sandlogged Air Forces or the effete open toe? Letra de Too High Ezale.

ezale i aint trippin off nothin

If you’ve made it past “Lay Low,” make noise! Yung Lean would have been wack no matter where he was born, his wack rapperness is intrinsic. You would think being the living product of globalization would earn the bare minimum of critical attention, but these so-called experts stay lookin down on a music they literally don’t understand.

You’ve reached the daily limit of 10 videos. Burns on that one Treehouse Of Horror. Tho we ain’t homothug-phobic here at Ezal MUsic HIstseria, we are not above laughing at the homo thug as comic type. Tony Touch – Gangsta Gangsta Ft.

Select a track to watch the music video here. Over 15 trippi in the game and counting – add it up, cause it’s an achievement for an artist of any gender in this fickle industry.