To win the game, you have to take all your opponent’s pieces, or to leave a position where they can’t move. Whenever you make a move, you must make a capturing move if you can. Sadly I won’t be bringing that particular fanorona set back in the near future. As a result, his younger brother Prince Andrianjaka was the first to arrive and inherited the throne. The Fanorona board consists of lines and intersections, creating a grid with 5 rows and 9 columns subdivided diagonally to form part of the tetrakis square tiling of the plane. The electric sander I used to remove the scratches and marks.

fanorona board game

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The Power of Two.

Board Games in Fiction. But you are not allowed to take them both.

The game is ended when one player has lost all his pieces, his opponent being declared the winner. The game dates to Your move was not so silly after all, because now you can move your piece at the fanoona of the board straight down one space. The Royal Game of Ur.

This captures the three white pieces marked x by moving away from them. Whole rows of enemy pieces are captured by approach and withdrawal, where a piece moves up gaem touch the enemies or, when touching, moves away. PS – I’ve read and enjoyed each of your books: The game is indigenous to Madagascar.


Fanorona | Cyningstan

You need to let your soldering iron heat up as much as possible, put on your glove and hold the metal ruler in place gae to your first line, make sure it is not on top of the line as the soldering iron tip will burn next to where the ruler is. Also I found pulling it across the wood rather than pushing it works much better as if you push it you end up pushing it into to the wood and just creating a large hole. They are set out as shown in the diagram. Excellent work ands thank you for the inspiration.

The ruler next to the burnt line. bard

How to Make Your Very Own Fanorona Board

But whatever move Black makes, you will capture the last black piece. Retrieved from ” https: There are weak and strong intersections.

fanorona board game

Rules for Fanorona There are two ways to play fanorona. The piece must change direction each time it moves during the relay capture.

fanorona board game

This will take immense patience and is a slow going process, it probably took me the best part of five hours. If movement of a counter offers both types of capture simultaneously, only one of them may be taken. When making multiple captures, each capture must be along a separate line; it is not permissible to slide back and forth along the same line in a single move which would otherwise circumvent rule 7 above. Fanorona is very popular in Madagascar. Fanorona has three standard versions: The second diagram shows the situation after this happens.


A stone can only move from one intersection to an adjacent intersection. A Heat Proof Glove — to protect your hand when your holding the ruler next to the soldering iron. If a move qualifies for capture both by approach and by withdrawal, the player must choose which set of pieces to capture; one cannot capture by approach and withdrawal at once.


Inthe game of Fanorona and smaller variants was solved weakly. The imbalance of the vela game is not as extreme as it fankrona first appears. The second picture below shows the position after you have made this move. Using 10, games with Alpha-beta pruning players, the game-tree complexity and state-space complexity can be computed. Board game Abstract strategy game.

A personal favourite of mine, which never seems to get much love! As a result, his younger brother Prince Andrianjaka was the first to arrive and inherited the throne.