Hi Developers, One of our goals for this year is enabling the quick creation of larger, more diverse worlds. Mountains yourmapname Map Display Name: The OP was updated to reflect the presence of the limits. You had to download a software called Geogen Studio and guess what? So, I will be sharing them here, for others to have. Is there a size limit? The Koduo Caverns consist of a large maze with various open areas.

feralheart height map

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If you look carefully in one of the caves, you may see a black hole, a portal, which takes you to the Koduo Caverns.

feralheart map

Click on “3D view” Spoiler: Hi Developers, One of our goals for this year is enabling the quick yeight of larger, more diverse worlds. Now open “Mountains yourmapname.

This tutorial will be similar to these but still different because I have my feralhezrt way to make map. So if it show something like: The File Class Needs Documentation.

See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

What you may have missed from the Developer Community. Black and White Black: The third and, in my opinion, best map I have made. XenoSynthesis June 27,5: One of our goals for this year is enabling the quick creation of larger, more diverse worlds.


feralheart height map

It pictured the beauty and ability of life to push through even after destruction. I followed the key, yet limestone is generating as salt, sand as cobble, sandstone as concrete, etc. It has no true structure, is small, and is lacking music and a height map. Selecting an image that has not gone through moderation will display an error and not allow the import process to proceed.

feralheart height map

Feel free to post fun terrain creations in this thread. I take pride in my creations, and work hard on each of them as far as placement, creativity, and idea for plot. If you want to resize them just open your Trees.

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Alright now place your FirTree, yaw it and click on C via controls or on your keyboard. It feralhdart my wish to give some of my old maps homes and users, as well as possibly take on requests. The packs of werewolves would often take part in disputing disagreements in a large arena, pictured above in the image in the distance. MrCheezyPig June 27,4: Yeah, I think their rounding method for colors is a bit off.

Feral heart savannah map download

Oh but wait how does it look like in-game?! There is plantlife aplenty, and various caves and homes for characters.


There are many caves, stalagmites, bones, and dens available in this part of the map, as well as two very well hidden portals in which you can escape the caverns and return to the surface world. AbintusInteritus June 27,4: This update is huge! Permissions in this forum: By the way feralhart layer must be the same name of the original which means when you opened mask1 the layer was called ” Layer ferapheart well it must be the same or it will not work.

feralheart height map

Anyway I hope this Tutorial will be helpful for those who want to do maps. If anyone else is having this issue, you need to type the key color manually instead of just color-picking heigght I did. I did another tutorial for those who need to convert objects for their maps! I used this for my color mapping: