Complete rewrite of the tab-handling mechanism. If null, the chart will calculate its own Should take a label Object, a String object, and return a number. Following new properties were added: We have updated the demo to include the components shown below: So you should have something like this: This way, print will carry over text align settings from the parent datagrid.


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The behavior of individual columns in this mode still respects the original behavior. For most grids the difference will be minor — but if you have grids with a very large number of columns, and especially if your cells have a lot of styling colors, background colors, etc you should see visible performance gains.

Upgrade to the latest version or do not use this property for larger datasets. This in itself makes them twice as heavy — because the above three classes themselves inherit from Group.

Introducing Flexicious Ultimate!

We have updated flexiciois demo to include the components shown below: The biggest disadvantage obviously is that you loose the sorting capability across all columns, but you can enable the muticolumn sort and that allows you to modify the sort using the sort popup. It was not possible to selectively mark some cells as editable and still maintain keyboard navigation.

Search Include comments in search. If you set this to false, it wont.

So you should have something like this:. As most of you are aware, we have now expanded our product offerings to a number of different technologies. For DashboardFor 3. This worked fine where you had single line headers, but as soon as we start talking about multiline headers or complex header renderers along with column group renderers, Ultimate did a very poor job of rendering these.


A minor new enhancements to the upcoming 3. If we have a custom filter render, DynamicFilterControl. We already had this approach working with vertical scrolling for a while now, and we finally ported it to horizontal scrolling as well.


The Spark Architecture was among the best flexicoous that could have happened to Flex. See the enableRowEdit flag for details. Code is included after the screenshot.


We got this far by listening to you, implementing your feature requests, learning from your customization of our products, and collaborating with you on strategic direction. When this property is set, the selected keys returns the ID values of the objects that were selected.

This mode will show or hide columns on basis of the priority associated with them, and the threshold set on the behavior.

Flexicious HTMLTreeGrid

Words in the singular mean and include the plural and vice versa. Scrollable Flex Charts October 28, Some of the examples of such interactions include lazy loading child records that each hierarchical level, recursive selection, selection cascading and bubbling, virtual scroll, built-in support for drill up and drill down, built in support for in-line detail panels, in addition to integrating with regular DataGrid features like in-line filtering, paging, multiple columns sort, grouped as well as left and right locked columns, row span and column span, a number of selection modes like cell, rowmultiple cell, multiple row, as well as customizable programmatic cell backgrounds contents borders and colors.


Another issue we have is that when we change the dataprovider content for the grid, the columns resize themselves after refreshing the dataprovider. But for thousands of rows, the grid has to iterate through each row to identify unique values to display in the combobox. When I go from a grouped saved preference to a non-grouped filtered preference I loose all data.

A number of our customers have asked this question, so it might be something that you would like to add to your flexicipus.

Below is an example of how this works, and a screenshot of the result — basically you have complete control over the cell without the use of item renderers. It merely flips the horizontal scroll policy to on or off on basis of the width of the grid in comparison to the scrollBarWidthThreshold.


Much better, faster mechanism for drawing filler rows. The Software may be loaded onto no more than one developer machine. There is good reason for it, because a number of the concepts that have been developed in the flex ecosystem make it a very attractive option as the UI technology of choice for large-scale applications.

There is also the additional complexity of the columnWidthMode attribute on each column that makes this further nuanced.