For the average user its not because of bugs and lack of themes. What do you think about Frets on Fire X Do you recommend it? Notify administrators if there is objectionable content in this page. No thanks Submit review. Free Download for Windows.

frets on fire 3.121

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Click here to edit contents of this page. I used to play Guitar Zero way back in the day before i found Fofix.

Wow that really helped! It has dropped to basically zero in the past few years, and fite stock themes are pretty meh. I still use 3. I’ll get there eventually though since i know what general path to follow in order to get the result i want.

A major release is what the name implies. If you are thinking ffire running from git, please do the entire community a favor and read this thread first.

frets on fire X 3.121 Installer

Watch headings for an “edit” link when available. Procedural Content Generation Wiki. Themes are distributed seperatelywhen using the instructions from this page.

No thanks Submit review. Guitar Hero was a pioneer in guitar games.


frets on fire 3.121

Free Download for Windows. I get lots of jitters especially with double notes. Single note sections firw play smooth, such as songs on Easy.

frets on fire 3.121

Notify administrators if there is objectionable content in this page. I’m actually a moderator on the GZ forums and i must admit how sad it is to see absolutely no activity there anymore.

Frets on Fire X – Download

Frets On Fire Wiki courtesy of fretsonfire. It was shortly after that when I discovered Fofix. The project has changed hands many times throughout its history, and the project has traditionally carried the nicknames of its main developers; however, since this became far too troublesome for users to keep track of, the developers settled on the FoFiX name.

Could be something as small as a different naming scheme, which was the case between 2 and 3. I’m pretty sure there is just way to much crap logic code with weird code paths that take longer some frames than others Since I’m basically the only one working on FoFiX you will see long periods with little to no development.

FoFiX v3.121 Final Windows 32-bit Installer (Pytho file – Frets On Fire X

The one with the highest number that is ; Grab the latest patch from this url: Standalone Frets on Fire Mod. This was because we always thought that the graphics was the slow part in fofix, but my cleaning branch certainly shows that it is in-fact the frts. It also tells us that there’s a new full release candidate available for download that contains all previous small releases.


Plays way smoother with the shaders off and I honestly can’t visually see a difference! The name was decided on when the project moved to Google Freys. It’s just going to take time to plow through and fix all of the crap and there is only one of me Although at least It hasn’t died yet: Instead of ferts, please begin a new topic, or search for another related topic that may be more suitable.

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