Under the harsh training from their Makai Knight father, the two became strong warriors. There, enveloped in a golden light, Kaoru sees someone much to her joy. Unfortunately, her attempt led to her death, causing the rift between Reo and Sigma. Train [ edit ]. Kouga’s title as Garo settled the knights down and promised to find a solution.

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The History of Kouga Saezima’s Battles [ edit ]. As Gonza and Reo find Kaoru’s painting from the wreckage, Rekka goes under Jabi’s wing to refine her skills, Tsubasa and Wataru train the next generation of Makai Knights, as Rei and Shiguto return to their posts. Garo managed to slice off Sigma’s cursed arm that made the markscancelling everyone’s mark and saving all the knights. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. As a show of gratitude, Misao and Toshiko’s gave Rei several slices of a strawberry tart, which gave him his sweet tooth.

At the Senate, all the cursed Makai Knights gather and are divided between those who intend to giving up their armors while the other half refuse to discard their armor and will force the other group to see things their way.

Tired of Kouga’s constant interference, the red-masked man unleashes two Tekkis in an attempt to finish off the weakened Kouga. However, Idea regenerates its severed limb, disarming Rei and Wataru before making its way to the center of a circle of pillars that would transport it to the human world. After being ranked the lowest team of Makai Knights in training Yamabuki Squad, a group of four boys named after the colors of their bandanas due to mandate, are placed under the watch of Wataru Shijima, who is known for his draconian methods.


Kouga’s journey continues in Demon Dragon of the Blue Cries. Leo vowed to stop his brother’s mad crusade, but he disappeared. Articles containing Japanese-language text.

Herd [ edit ] episkde “Herd” Transcription: In feudal Japan a samurai dying from illness duels across the land looking for a warriors eipsode. Sedinbale hunts Kaoru, who is close to finishing her storybook.

Learning his labor is to travel to the Promised Land to retrieve a part of Gajari’s body. With little time, Kouga bid Kaoru and his friends farewell and he entered the Promised Land in search of a part of Gajari’s body.

Garo: Makai Senki – Wikipedia

His work is rejected by the local art community, however he is able to makzi them to city authorities, who use them simply as actual manhole covers. Retrieved March 25, Enduring Water [ edit ]. Mask [ edit ] 16 “Mask” Transcription: Garo Project Golden Knight Garo. Kouga and Kaoru are in attendance until Kouga leaves saying how he does not have time to waste.

Stronghold [ edit ] 21 “Stronghold” Transcription: Under the harsh training from their Makai Knight father, the two became strong warriors. That night, feeling better in themselves, the four return to camp when the Horror Raizon attacks.

(HSS)Garo Makai Senki ├ępisode 14

While on his day away Reo meets Kaoru by chance and, when he allows her to hold his Makai Brush, is reminded of a woman from his past. Jabi and Zaruba decide to keep gwro battle from Kouga a secret so as not to worry him. Sigma had stolen the train and intends to use the moon’s power to increase his powers.


After Gyannon repels him and the Makai Knights attempt to cut off one of Idea’s legs.

Garo: Makai Senki Episode 14

Retrieved July 30, Sebki Wataru introduces himself to the boys, he proceeds to train “Yamabuki” Kerria yellow”Shiro” White”Murasaki” Purpleand “Akane” Madder red for ten horrific days.

After being promoted to the personal Makai Knight of the Senate for his vanquishing of the Apostle Horrors, Kouga Saezima is assigned the task to slay the Horror Cigarein. Wataru, Rei, episove Reo follow by riding the core of Idea. Surviving as a head, Gyanon attempts to take his wrath upon Garo before being destroyed by Garo with Kaoru’s Spirit Beast-infused brush.

Investigating the sight of a car crash where a Horror has manifested, Rei finds no bodies left behind and wonders if Horror entered the victim or the driver.