Unfortunately, we are unable to hear them today, as most songs were not preserved or reproduced. This effort is a Tribute to all our living or deceased Music Composers, Producers, Lyricists and Singers who created so many unforgettable songs. When it exceeded songs, I thought of producing an unique album called “SAWANA” just to distribute among friends and other Sri Lankan Music fans, to provide relaxing easy listening pleasure with more than 40 hours of Sinhala Instrumental Music, Free. This effort will give you the opportunity to enjoy enormous variety of FREE instrumental music, continuously for more than 50 hrs Thakkada Mal Suwandai – Chamara Ranawaka. Hewa Canada cybersawana gmail. Gammane Hadai – Chamara Ranawaka.

goyam kapala mp3 song

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Don’t ggoyam to tell us your favourite Cybersawana has a Facebook profile. Launched on 01st August Entire Album has been added to this Website.!!! Mama Gamata Adarei – Chamara Ranawaka.

Goyam kapala

I wish to thank all visitors who commented and encouraged me to do this many Albums. I goyaam grateful to my family for supporting me to make this possible. Thanks to Google for providing this Web space. Otherwise, this effort is practically giyam, as they are non-existing for most songs. Hare Krishna reggae video Sri Lankan rasta performing in Goa. Wathura Kale Nanawa – Chamara Ranawaka. You may Become a friend on FB and show you like this effort.


goyam kapala mp3 song

Being a music lover since childhood, playing the keyboards is my prime hobby. Heta Ude Dakinawa – Chamara Ranawaka. I have attempted to create the instrume ntal version of many everlasting favorite Singhala Songs on the Keyboards and compiled them in MP3 format, retaining the optimum audio quality.

Bob marley obai rege raju video Bob Marley was born on February 6, and died on May 11, Bob Marley Sinhala Song. Game Ayata Notherenna – Chamara Ranawaka. Best sinhala rap video. Sil Suwandai Anurapure – Chamara Ranawaka.

Miriwadi Nathuwata – Chamara Ranawaka. A reggae medley combining 3 songsNo woman no cry – bob MarleyMysterious girl – peter Andre and a very famous Sinhala song called Pem Lowe. Launched on 07th Feb. Sadly, this is another lacking necessity in Sri Lankan Singhala Music.

He was the lead singer and songwriter for The This river of music is continuously flowing from past to present.! Wakkada Pirila – Chamara Ranawaka. Ruwan Hettiyarachchi New Song from ananmanan.


goyam kapala mp3 song

Please use this app in touch It will be a great effort to success our future path. Great Respect and dedication to Vienna where we are based!! Noncommercial Product with free access. Mage Panatath Wada – Chamara Ranawaka.

Goyam Kapala – Chamara Ranawaka Music Video Download from

Album Launced on 14 April Only a very few instrumental albums available in Singhala Music and in them too, mostly a common set of monotonous songs has been included. Although, our music heritage is rich with such songs, no one sing bothered creating at least an instrumental version of them.

Some of our Music Composers who composed these unforgettable songs.!