A Very Potter Sequel. The Musical was performed April 9—11, , [7] [8] on the University of Michigan campus. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Pigfarts, Pigfarts Here I Come As you do with songs, Not Alone became about being bullied and different, Missing You became about my alcoholic father never having been there and my granddad dying and Get Back To Hogwarts will probably always remind me of escaping reality in a magical text. He brings in Malfoy, who tells Voldemort of a secret entrance into Hogwarts in exchange for a rocket ship to Mars “Pigfarts”.

harry avpm mp3

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Lucius, however, shocks Draco with a horrible secret: The group also released the album through Bandcamp on July 29, Umbridge is too strong, however, and refuses to back down “Stutter”. Hermione then voices her concern about the bloodstained history of the House Cup Tournament but no one can drop out due to the enchantment on the trophy from which the hharry were drawn.

Umbridge tries to avlm Harry, Ron, and Hermione to Azkaban for helping Sirius get into Hogwarts, but Dumbledore tells her that it was he who helped Sirius get in.

S2E5: Witch, Please and the Fan-Made Musical – Witch, Please

Lena Raine returns to the world of “Celeste” with a stellar collection of moody ambient instrumentals. The musical was performed in April 9—11, on the University of Michigan campus and is currently available to watch online.

This album is available to you completely Apm At the Yule Ball, the normally-unattractive Hermione suddenly shows up with a gorgeous makeover, causing Ron and Malfoy to suddenly realise their feelings for her “Granger Danger”.


harry avpm mp3

Harry and the others run into Lucius, but Draco stands up to him at last and recruits Yaxley to their side. Harry develops an attraction to Ginny and asks her to dance, leaving Ron to get “drunk” on Butterbeer and fight over Hermione with Malfoy, causing her to lash out at both of them.

Lucius is furious with Draco and crumples up the drawing Draco had made for him, disowning him. Years ago, his wife had an affair with their house-elf, Dobby, which resulted in Draco’s birth.

In the midst of this, Harry meets Ron Weasley and the two quickly become the best of friends. Snape escorts the boys to their dorm, and Dumbledore tells Harry he should be proud to be in Gryffindor, like himself and his parents were. Harry is still not allowed to go, but he manages to escape Umbridge’s wrath.

harry avpm mp3

Cedric Diggory Cornelius Fudge. And posting AVPM in-jokes in normal fandom places made you feel like you were part of a secret society.

S2E5: Witch, Please and the Fan-Made Musical

Voldemort, Quirrell and Harry all lament those they have lost “Missing You”. View all posts by Hannah McGregor. Harry fends it off by throwing Hermione’s cat Crookshanks at it as bait. Retrieved July 14, Draco accidentally interferes with the Death Eaters’ attempt on Harry’s life and Harry manages to catch the Golden Snitchwinning the game for Gryffindor. I love the audience interaction, I wish I could have been there!

The annual Yule Ball is announced, and Ginny attempts to ask Harry to be her partner. Lucius Malfoy then decides to go back in time to Harry Potter ‘s first year at Hogwarts to destroy him before he vapm a bigger threat than he already is.


If you like A Very Potter Musical, you may also like:. Snape threatens to report their planning to the Ministry of Magic, but Lucius convinces av;m otherwise by showing Snape his memories of James and Lily Potter using the Pensieve to show him the type of people the Potters really are “Guys Like Potter”. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.

harry avpm mp3

I think in being low brow and silly, I am forced to forgive some of the problematic parts which, Agpm acknowledge are not all mine to forgive. Inspired by climate change, Sanger’s album of ambient electronic beeps and synths was created to sound like music from another planet.


Lupin tries to cheer everyone up by teaching them a spell to ward off Dementors hrry, called the Patronus Charm. At this point, Harry is introduced to Severus Snapewho instantly takes a disliking to Harry, but Lupin stands up for Harry and Snape flees. Retrieved July 30, Afterwards, a Death Eater informs Voldemort that Hogwarts has fallen, and Voldemort prepares to depart to Hogwarts itself.