One feature of these engines is the Belpaire firebox. Posted 11 May – Insgesamt muss der Spieler innerhalb der Acts allerhand beachten: Just make a copy of the Desktop icon and change the Target line to read: This site may be well worth having a look through, there are lots of routes covering Europe as well as other countries. The site is free to access and contains all the stock required. Not tried the Golden Spike, so I think I will download it and see what it’s like.

harzquerbahn msts

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Bergauf wird alles von den Loks gefordert, bergab muss darauf geachtet werden, dass man nicht zu schnell wird und entgleist!

harzquerbahn msts

Die Darstellung ist allerdings kindgerecht weniger katastrophal und endet in jedem Falle mit dem Ende der Activity. Well I’ve managed to download Bernina Pass and its up and running. Sorry just throwing some ideas out there?? Die Hisatsu-Linie auf der Insel Kyushu.

Mytrainsim – Der Trainsimulator. Eine Einführung

This is a very well thought out route and has had lots of specially built objects made for it. There are some nice routes out there, but some of them are not my scene.

The easiest way is to use one of the steam sounds at http: Dazu werden entsprechende Programme mitgeliefert.


harzquerbahn msts

Sie beinhaltet viele Tunnelabschnitte, zwei Kehren und Steilstreckenabschnitte. Die Bedienung ist allerdings harzqyerbahn komplizierter als bei einem modernen Triebwagen, in denen man nur ein paar Hebel umlegen muss.

mets Markh on Sat 22 Nov This screenshot shows St Moritz station. Da gibt es auch wiederum zwei Varianten: When you’ve found all of them, check which stock is used and remove them. Last time I used harzquebahn to translate a russian cyrillic document it wouldn’t translate the whole document, it may have been updated since then so I did it in bits.

Ferner simuliert ein Ansagen-Tool das Abspielen von Haltestellenansagen. I did repaint their Class s for my own personal use, and then stretched them to create the Class s, etc.

세상은 넓고 루트는 많다. – 자유게시판 – 트레인 시뮬레이터 (MS Train Simulator)

Mit im Paket sind dann fast immer passende Fahrzeuge, um einen authentischen Betrieb zu simulieren. There is 40 included activities and they appear to run very well with plenty of AI traffic,and nice scenery. Tiny Hayling Branch A1x Terrier. I’m sure I will reinstall it at some stage when I find any new Routes that come with Stock Mark,As long as you don’t mind barzquerbahn old Khia cab here’s an interesting drive.


Sep 29 Posted 21 May – Eine Funktion des Raildrivers mit dem Train Simulator unter Vista ist derzeit allerdings problematisch. I hope you don’t think I belong to GR, but I’m a real fan of their products.

I have been following this thread with great interest, and it really is great to see that MSTS is well and truly alive. I hope you have left it as a mini route, otherwise you will have some problems! Posts Topics Advanced Search.

Elvas Tower: The Steam Locomotive – Elvas Tower

But for scenery and the Swiss mountain feel of the route, it is one of my old time favourites. One feature of these engines is the Belpaire firebox.

Unter Windows XP gibt es keine Probleme. It can be a bit heavy on the frame rates in some areas, but nothing too drastic. Thanks too for pointing out the German Railroad’s Gesamtausgabe is available. Es ist auch kompatibel zum Rail Simulator und zu den Trainz-Produkten.