Rick , Jul 29, I posted my undo file if you need it. There’s no guarantee this will work. Great guide, most other guides I have seen for this don’t tell you how to backup and restore the Xbox 1 emulator.. The hard drive I have has files on it from when I used it in my old laptop. Ok lets get started, first you will need to buy a hard drive to use in the Xbox

hddhackr 500gb

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Will this tool allow me to connect a GB drive to my x? If you previously made an UNDO.

Hack a 250gb, 320gb or 500gb Sata harddrive to work in the Xbox 360 and Xbox 360 Slim

This tutorial focuses on hacking a gb drive, which was the largest drive possible in when i created this tutorial, however it is now possible to hack drives of the following sizes: I ended up using my PC to flash it and it worked! In fact, with default settings it parks the heads after 8 seconds of inactivity. AmyGrrlMar 23, Sector dump file e. Oct 16, Messages: Normally you can only use Microsoft approved hard drives which are significantly more expensive, costing up to 3x the price of a normal 2.


You should get Status 0x50 and the drive will be reflashed. I get to the part where you hit f for flash and get a message enter file name for sector e. I have disconected all other drives for this operation.

The information on sector 16 is signed and can’t be changed. Yes, my password is: It asked me for my serial number for my xbox.

hddhackr 500gb

Tried an old hddhaclr 1st gen game and it didn’t work. Example for create, dump, flash and restore: The following help screen is displayed if you start HddHacker with a wrong number of arguments: I poped the gig drive in.

Where is the problem? This will create an ‘UNDO. Microsoft aren’t banning for using unofficial hard drives, they’re banning for using modified DVD drives however.

Hack a Sata harddrive to work in the Xbox Slim

Jul 14, Messages: Use the following tutorial: The tool doesn’t detect my HDD! You must log in or sign up to reply here. InsaneNutterDec 22, The following help screen is displayed if you start HddHacker with a wrong number of arguments:.


MrQuirijnMar 22, However, you can hddhacrk it to 40GB anytime you want with the restore option. InsaneNutterDec 23, No, create an account now. Sep 17, Messages: Do you already have an account? Note, times between Feb 27, Messages: Welcome to the Digiex Download Center, you are welcome to download anything you like here, no registration is required!

hddhackr 500gb