Can somebody confirm the same? Or try different projections I typed this up for someone on another forum a while back, so I’ll cut and paste it here. April 21, — 1: The picture below shows the pairs of points used in this tutorial highlighted by painting lines in the Gimp image editor: Advanced techniques Other things you might want to experiment with are: The Goal of These Videos This post is a rather long one, and contains a lot of video.

hugin defish

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Full frame Fisheye Focal length: Now you can use the mouse to select control points; pick a vertical feature that you can see in both the left and right-hand window and click on one end of it in one window and the other end in the second window.

Have you tried using hkgin LensFun lens database–if so can you give instructions?

An Introduction to Hugin – My Favorite Photo Stitching Tool – jamie3d

Now select the Optimizer tab. Drfish 37 minutes ago. Moving the center only changes where the fisheye distortion starts from. This tutorial is based on a single source image, however you can use an unlimited number of overlapping source images and stitch them with ‘normal’ control points at the same time as creating the ‘horizontal’ and ‘vertical’ control points.


hugin defish

How else would you shoot this frame in these conditions? June 19, — 2: I have found that depending on where the horizon is in an image, sometimes equirectangular, circular, stereographic, or Mercator projection gives me the most pleasing defished product in the deffish PTGui editor. I typed this up for someone on another forum a while back, so I’ll cut and paste it here. By default, Hugin assumes that you intend to create a full degree equirectangular panorama, but in this case you need to remap the output to the same rectilinear format as the input image.

Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered. In terms of field of view, this guy http: The normal Hugin tutorials are good but seeing and hearing you work through these is really helpful.

Here is a picture taken from an awkward angle, it is not possible to photograph the wall straight-on because the room is filled with columns: But even if it wasn’t so distorted, what would be the process for defishing? Email Required, but never shown.

hugin defish

If your lens is in the database it can automatically make the correction, or if not you may adjust manually. Are there any particular rules or settings I should be following?

About this image The photograph used in this tutorial is of a section of interior wall of the pronaos outer hypostyle hall in the temple of Hathor at Dendera, Egypt. I can get the vertical lines straight but not the horizontal ones.


An Introduction to Hugin – My Favorite Photo Stitching Tool

Dec 6, Please add me to your contact. David Farquhar August hugon, — 9: In the Stitcher tab change the projection f to Rectilinear. How do we handle problem users? Hannety Today at 2: This site uses cookies to help personalise content, tailor your experience and to keep you logged in if you register. Western Jackdaw by luator.

Here is a landscape one, but I couldn’t get it to defish because I don’t know how to handle it if there are no straight lines. Usually an odd aspect ratio.

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Hugin defishing | Talk Photography

You need to repeat the process to get a good selection of both vertical and horizontal control points, try and get some towards the middle of the image as well as at the edges. The optimisation process needs to start with credible description of huyin camera, particularly for the lens field of view.

Monday, 26 March Defishing fisheye images.