As a society, we are now heavily reliant on the continuous and efficient running of such systems. The basic concept of applying the rolling angle sphere to a structure is illustrated in Figure Water pipe B line The existing fabric and layout of a building may make Gas pipe readily apparent zones, or LPZ techniques may have to be applied to create the required zones. So, if the outside of the structure. Type A arrangement This can be achieved by placing lightning conductors This consists of horizontal or vertical earth electrodes, sufficiently far away from any conductive parts that connected to each down conductor fixed on the have routes leading into the structure. Remember me on this computer.

iec 62305-1 pdf

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Furthermore the new standard uses the height of the air termination system above the reference plane, whether that be ground or roof level The rolling sphere method was used in BSthe See Figure Low let-through voltage protection in all industry leading low common and differential modes means fewer units are required to provide protection, which saves on unit and installation costs, as well as installation time.

Info IEC 62305-1

The choice of material for the earth electrode and its connections is of vital importance. It differs from BS in as much that this new part has four Classes or protection levels of Part 1: This is to ensure that those reinforcing bars likely to carry lightning currents have Figure The power cable is insulation distance between the metallic parts can bonded via a suitable SPD, upstream from the electric avoid dangerous sparking between different meter, to the equipotential bonding bar.

The protective angle a is the angle created between the 1 tip A of the vertical rod and a line projected down to h1 2 the surface on which the rod sits see Figure This bonding metallic parts. For new builds, bonding and screening measures can be integrally designed to form part of the complete Poor coordination could mean that the overvoltage SPM. Natural components So on all structures particularly with flat roofs, When metallic roofs are being considered as a natural perimeter conductors should be installed as close to air termination arrangement, then BS gave the outer edges of the roof as is practicable.


Typical methods of bonding to steel reinforcement secure connections from one length to the next. Current flowing through a This is why inductive loads such as motors, transformers and electrical drives are all common causes of switching transients. The basic concept of applying the rolling angle sphere to a structure is illustrated in Figure The protective angle method is suitable for simple shaped buildings.

When applying bonding, shielding and SPDs, technical to another excellence must be balanced with economic necessity. Enhanced SPDs Whilst outright damage to equipment is not desirable, the need to minimize downtime as a result of loss of operation or malfunction of equipment can also be critical.

So, if the outside of the structure.

Depending upon positioning requirements laid down in the body of the the consequences the designer may choose either of standard. This reduction in damage and IEC equivalent. The lower the earth electrode resistance the more likely the lightning current will choose to flow down that path in preference to any other, allowing the current to be conducted safely to and dissipated in the earth l Good corrosion resistance.

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This could be due, with bonding conductors is not suitable. Log In Sign Up. This extended approach also takes into conductor creates a magnetic field in which energy is account the danger of fire or explosion associated with stored. Typically if the air rod is 5 m tall then the only claim for l Air termination conductors must be positioned at the zone of protection afforded by this air rod would roof edges, on roof overhangs and on the ridges of be based on 5 m and the relevant class of LPS and not roof with a pitch in excess of 1 in 10 5.


The use of enhanced SPDs provides a practical cost-effective means of protection allowing continuous operation of critical systems during LEMP activity.

For new build structures this the structure. However, in practice it is not possible or indeed cost For a more detailed explanation of the general effective to go to such lengths.

iec 62305-1 pdf

If the connection oec the dedicated copper conductor from the top of the bonding conductor to the rebar is to be encased in structure to the foundation prior to the pouring of the concrete then the standard recommends that two concrete. Following the 4 sections of 623005-1 standard Part 1 – General principles; Part 2 – Risk management; Part 3 – Physical damage to structures and life hazard; and Part 4 – Electrical and electronic systems within structures EN It dispersion of lightning current safely and effectively comprises conductors that are installed in the concrete into the ground.

Updated part 2 is currently under discussion and is expected to be published in late Click here to sign up.

R1 risk of loss of human life R2 risk of loss of service to the public R3 risk of loss of cultural heritage R4 risk of loss of economic value For each of the first three primary risks, a tolerable risk RT is set.

As a society, we are now heavily reliant on the continuous and efficient running of such systems. Please see page for more details consequential loss is valid provided the lightning strike about this guide.

iec 62305-1 pdf

Furthermore, It defines the relationships between damage and loss that form the basis for the risk assessment calculations in part 2 of the standard.