Ikariam City Select Reorder Add-on Allows you to re-order your towns in the town select drop down menu. When wishes come true, and two of our young guys come to fulfill the retaliation against our urging, it seems a bit silly to complain about fair notice to the diplomat, especially when you do not have a such a request published on your external. I saw the message exchanges were friendly and I’d like to keep things that way in general. Sea battle near Wonder Marble I’m sorry, how does it show I “got caught in a lie”? If you have any complaints or wishes to improve the gaming experience in regards to the ongoing action, don’t be a stranger and I’ll see what I can do.

ikariam cr converter v3.08

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Bottom of list not displayed I’m not sure if Ikairam understand your problem completely. Further to holyschmidt’s update to the CR converter, I have just updated all my scripts to remove the dependency on the auto-updater and am now using a clone of that script hosted by holyschmidt.

Official list of Ikariam tools.

Mon Mar 30, 5: I did chat with one of the lead game developers at GameForge yesterday, and he mentioned the desire to provide better support for the scripting community. The post was edited 2 times, last by Argon Oct 14th Please do not be alarmed if the look of the forums change while you are viewing them.


Created using Ikariam CR Converter: You just paste the source from your combat report and this will convert it to text you can show in forums or in-game messages.

I remember that he contacted my Diplo then and I as member of DMS had to send Echo the screenshots g3.08 that he was leeching.

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ikariam cr converter v3.08

Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: Search Query Display results as: Yes, that previously was a script, written by Phasma. Added optional setting to automatically include “spoiler” tag in bbcode reports.

Moldy xr Hun Tega’s army has fled because they were exhausted from fighting.

Battle for Tinker Town [ Battle for Salvo Battle for Legoshire Therefore I attacked him. What TLG will 3v.08 with these members is under review.

ikariam cr converter v3.08

Because it’s your web. Battle for Legoville Ikariam City Select Reorder Add-on Allows you to re-order your towns in the town select drop down menu.


CR Thread: BoB versus , Crew, TRF, U_I_S, UPHey and Fate – – Ikariam US

See the following page: Xenophon units from Xenophon are keeping the town Anatolia occupied Shakyamuni’s army has fled because they were exhausted from fighting. Hi, You can find new board on address: Blank Canvas Ikariam Tools Firefox 3 Addon Firefox addon to allow auto select of the preferred login server, fast linking of the buildings on all islands, etc.

Rohcodom Vietnam Viatnemese Complete ikariam. Let the CR’s and picture talk for us. GameStats A wepbage with many useful tools such as a town manager and an espionage database.


Best to check it out for yourself. Created using Ikariam CR Converter v3.

ikariam cr converter v3.08

And his friend k Dyanaypa came along in case Mayway needed backup when confronted with multiple players. The list of Ikariam scripts I updated: Why this of course.

CR Converter [GreaseMonkey] – holyschmidt v3. Sea battle near No Cookies