Based on the data, they determine whether a device is defective. Prompt Emergency Response Physicians can take prompt actions as they can view patient records from anywhere. Medical imaging plays an increasing role in the accurate Viewing layout can be customized by each user or user group. This way, the remotely located technical support reps can figure out what is wrong without actually visiting the onsite location. By rule, INFINITT will dispose of your personal information once the purpose of collection and usage as well as the legal and business needs have been fulfilled.

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Enhanced Physician-Patient Interaction Physicians can discuss treatment status and options with patients while looking at exam results together. Medical imaging plays an increasing role in the accurate For the following cases, we may disclose your personal information upon obtaining your consent through a legitimate process.

For the following cases, indinitt may disclose your personal information without your consent. Patient Dose Report informs patients of their cumulative dose. By rule, INFINITT will dispose of your personal information when you request for the disposal or once the purpose of collection and usage has been fulfilled.

Customizable Search Options Users can preset the most commonly used keywords and tags. Enhanced Radiologist-Physician Communication Radiologists can consult hewlthcare referring physicians anytime, from anywhere.


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Paper documents containing personal information will be completely shredded. You are not required to provide nealthcare personal information we request, but please note that if you choose not to, your access to services provided by INFINITT can be limited.

infinitt healthcare

Supports easy and intuitive scheduling for multiple procedures across different facilities Recommends available exam time for each procedure. Infinitt Healthcase provides medical image storage and access service to hospitals and clinics. Infinitt PACS picture archiving and communication system includes:. Until the cancellation of your membership or the termination of subcontract.

Infinitt PACS picture archiving and communication heslthcare includes: Contact Us We will get back to you as soon as possible.

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infnitt If you request to correct an error in your collected personal information, we will not use or disclose your information until the correction has been made. Electronic documents containing personal information will be destroyed to a point where it is impossible to technically restore the file. How China Medical Univ. Prevents data loss and minimizes security risks via infintt and intrusion prevention system.

Seoul National University Hospital. Most technical issues can be addressed by relying on these two tools available from Rsupport.

Ansan Hospital Real-time reference to past reports improves overall reading accuracy for Korea Univ. News Cybersecurity August 29, At the end, Infinitt chose Rsupport because of the speed, ease of use, and data transfer technology. Connects physicians with experienced radiologists from each specialty for high quality reading services. Reduces errors and shortens reporting time via user-defined keywords. infinltt


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Infinitt Healthcare Platform IHPan enterprise-level data management platform, increases efficiency in data management and sharing.

Intuitive user interface Good Design Award Real-time Image Access Radiologists can view patient images and reports in real time via iPhones, iPads, and any other mobile devices. Radiation dose management is central to child patient safety. Window, Zoom, Pan, Hounsfield unit, Cineplay, and measurement tools. Optimized for any facility type and workflow Provides customizable worklists.

infinitt healthcare

Digital mammography CAD findings identify regions of interest, improving the detection of abnormalities. Even the elderly customers with very little computer skills can receive online support whenever they run into problems almost immediately.

Calculates skin dose using a 2D map. Init was recognized by the Korean government for its world-leading technology.