Wassup TV – Episode 37 T Inhi logo Ne Le Li Na video song. Devil’s Den,Inhi logon ne le lina dupatta mera.. But by that time she was so unwell that a body double had to be used for her dances. We don’t like to be mean hosts! Dhara Pehelwaan ne batayaa tha.

inhi logon ne le lina dupatta mera song

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She knew that Maan was gonna win and he was right in saying that she could not live without him He knew then and there that Geet had forgiven him in her heart. And then verbalize it And Maan being the player was enjoying the sweet attentions of his wife Enter Your Details First.

38 Inhi Logo Ne Le Lina Duppatta Mera Lyrics – Old Hindi Songs Lyrics

He should have asked her what is it that I have done or said which has made you so angry that you are ready to throw away our love for that???

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Loved Maan’s dialogues in the room. These three stages are depicted in the three verses of the song. I think another unique thing zong this song is the angles it uses while filming.


It was released in Inhi logon ne le lina dupatta mera by Pari Garg video. One complaint bcoz sum ppl will get why Geet is behaving like that and some will misunderstand her character so to make it obvious to them. We don’t like to be mean hosts! Ihni we have one more dargah moment.

Historical dates Blog Start date: You are commenting using your WordPress. Lemme go drool ova him but she ends up being disappointed. Pakeezah was a watershed Bollywood movie for many reasons.

inhi logon ne le lina dupatta mera song

Scenes were touching and dialogues of MSK were very good. You are commenting using your Twitter account. Inhi logo ne chhina dupatta mera song performed by Sujit Sankhe. ImhidupattaMeena KumariPakeezahsongstranslation.

Pakeezah – Inhi Logon Ne Le Liya Dupatta Mera – Lata Mangeshkar Chords – Chordify

Inhi logon ne le leena dupatta mera Hamri na loggon bajajva se poochho Hamri na maano saiyyaan Hamri na maano bajajva se poochho Jis ne Jis ne asharfi However, I wish to share a few of them from films of early s which came to my notice while writing this article:.

Eupatta Film,Scenes,Photos,Non- Edited Audio and All other contents of all videos on my channel are not mine and I do not claim copyright on any of the aforesaid I am not saying all that he has done is a waste and not right Later, Indubala sang these two songs in the film. MSK’s self-thought was I know you hurt when I get hurt I think the effect is to make Meena Kumari stand out and look even more beautiful.


Githee jhooth bole kauva kaate. Later, she recorded this Dadra in 78 RPM record as non-filmy song and also a fuller length over 10 minutes in concerts which was also recorded as non-filmy song, probably in early 50s.

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Atul’s Bollywood song a day-with full lyrics. Inhi Logon Ne le liya dupatta mera. The lyrics are credited to Tanvir Naqvi, [5] though there is a song recorded earlier than this.

inhi logon ne le lina dupatta mera song

The popularity of these songs gave gramophone recording companies profitable business opportunity. Kudos to you both for this project.

inhi logon ne le lina dupatta mera song