Localitatea e cea mai mica din Suceava, dar e foarte unita, mai ales la sarbatori. Here the soldiers would repair their swords and armour, in preparation for the ottoman invasion. Patient ladies at Vatra Dornei bus station. The lady comes quickly, without uttering a word. There are 3 km left, ah, good, but I have walked on plane ground so far. Carol Szathmari ‘s miniature portrait of Princess Bibescu in Romanian dress ,

intr-un sat lang-o fantana

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Vatra Dornei si Bistrita care trece prin oras. Constantinescu shortly before World War I.

intr-un sat lang-o fantana

The bus station shade, however, has formed a freezer for the patient travellers. Ma satur asa bine, ca felul doi il pun la pachet: O doamna mai in varsta venise cu bicicleta ca sa astepte un pachet de la sora ei, din Piatra-Neamt orasul meu natal.

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Macedonski’s grave in Bellu. Aerul curat de munte ii intinereste pe oameni. I walk through the village a while longer and suddenly spot the sign towards the hermitage. Verdele cenusiu si rosul auriu se intalnesc intr-un sarut peste dealurile inverzite.


Retrieved from fantanx https: This is where the famous painted eggs museum resides in Ciocanesti. One of the locals passing by a village house.

Casele albe, cu modele nationale zugravite in diverse forme incep sa rasara, care de care mai frumoase. Un batranel negricios, cu o palarie cafenie, tremura tot de batranete.

After a conversation with her I understand that she is from Borca, but is now settled in Vatra Dornei. They are dressed in greys and navy blues, with their fanyana streaked by both frost and sun. Valea de brazi si fagi din fata schitului.

She is a meek woman, short of speech and stature, dressed modestly, but of a deep inner silence.

intr-un sat lang-o fantana

One of the styles of house decorations. Caii lor semi-grei sunt ornati cu snururi rosii. The car reverses and drives towards the only other visible house on the platou, besides the hermitage. I wonder whether to ask the abbot to host me at the hermitage for the night. Brunea-Foxflanking Iosif Ross. Din pacate autobuzele spre Vatra Dornei nu mai circula la ora asta. N Bujor Nedelcovici Alexandru Nicolau. Mai sunt 3 km, ah, ce bine, dar pana acum am mers pe loc drept.


I leave at Asta e a doua oara in viata cand trebuie sa merg cu ia-ma nene. Stiu ca multi oameni de pe Valea Dornelor traiesc din taiatul lemnelor, dar trebuie mai mult discernamant in cum sa ne imprumutam de la natura.

intr-un sat lang-o fantana

Plec cu inima plina de bucurie. Uimita si multumitoare, lnag-o in masina. Iata ca ajung in sat si inca e lumina! He is the abbot of the Holy Cross hermitage, a practical man, hard working and full of grace.

Chords for Ioan Dordoi – Soacra sir de matraguna – DVD – Intr-un sat lang-o fantana

I try to enter through the gate, when I see three dogs running towards me. I would have to walk that distance intr-nu a pine and beech wood forest. She was particularly noted for her performances and recordings of Mozart.