So if the file is not compressed using ditto is very similar to if not identical to just copying the file using cp? This is all now old territory, but unfortunately, everything is either “one-click” or designed for Macs. Open Safari on the iPod and navigate to http: If you need iPHUC, grab it from the 1. You could easily apply this to v1. On this page is the logfile of an actual dual-boot installation using the above steps.

iphuc windows 7

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iPhone x Dual Boot / Jailbreak [iPhone Dev Team]

I’m assuming that you’re replacing the old rdisk0s1 file on your hard drive with this modified version. Download and extract http: Been an issue of getting time on the machine to do it.

Reboot your iPod and check your iPod in iTunes. In Windows, iTunes ipuuc. You can download the Intel binary and sources if you want to build your own from here. I appreciate your help. So, to avoid any possibility of that happening to you, you might want to consider wiping it.


iPhoneOpener 0.2

Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. Different combinations of Restoring my Apple iPhone, along with. The tool I use for doing this is HxD http: I restored and updated to the 1. That will be taken care of below. Any help wineows can provide would be greatly appreciated.

It is running firmware version 1. This will enable recovery commands. If you’re running 1.

iphuc windows 7

I may be silly, but I decided to do it again, assuming that the phone needed more files after the first try. Hope you can help. Forums and Discussions ModMy Forums.

iphuc windows 7

Use the file it produces with a. For iPhone, this is likely cylinders. I hope this collection of tidbits steers someone else in the right direction along the way.

If you have the wrong version, fdisk will complain that it can’t recognize the device. To confirm that your iPhone is running off of the new partition, run ‘mount’. Make a backup copy of rdisk0s1 that you just downloaded.


Use 7-zip to open AppTappInstaller. Once you’ve got it looking right, tell fdisk to write the new partition table out. Rename sh6 in your iPhuc directory to sh, then “putfile sh” in iPhuc. Hello Matt, The 0. We need it to crack open the dumb Installer. I pressed on, and I am glad I did. Once you have the new boot partition mouned, you’ll need to ipjuc some changes to it pihuc boot.

Ditto is a Mac OS tool for copying files and packing and iphuuc archives. Then make them executable:.

Any more specific advice about how to set the password in your original instructions or helpful comments about how to get out of this situation would be greatly appreciated!