JFreeChart wouldn’t be half the library that it is today without the contributions large and small that have been made by the developers listed below:. Create a new Java project “de. Migration from JFreeChart 1. Sign up or log in Sign up using Google. Anton Dozortsev 3, 3 3 gold badges 27 27 silver badges 58 58 bronze badges.

jfreechart.jar and jcommon.jar

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Download jcommon JAR 1.0.23 with all dependencies

If you want to know how to use Apache FOP in. DeviationRenderer optimisation by Milan Ramaiya ; Biggsy Biggsy 4 4 silver badges 18 18 bronze badges. The following adjustments have been made to the API there should be no breakage of applications coded to the 1. If you are intensively using JFreeChart you should buy the developer guide from David to support him and to get excellent information access.

Note that the fix incorporated in the special JFreeChart 1.


Added new flag renderAsPercentagesplus accessor methods, that controls whether the data items are displayed as values or percentages. Anton Dozortsev 3, 3 3 gold badges 27 27 silver badges 58 58 bronze badges.

CategoryPointerAnnotation line calculation; Active 3 years, 10 months ago.

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Offset problem in StatisticalBarRenderer ; For the command to work, i assume that the files like jfreechart New container used in legends enables legend item entities again ; MultiplePiePlot: Also fixed numerous bugs in equals and clone methods throughout the API.

The method or operation is not implemented.

jfreechart.jar and jcommon.jar

If no significant API problems are reported, this release will be re-released as version 1. Stack Overflow works best with JavaScript enabled. Further amendments have been made in this release to fix this problem.

Download the JFreeChart distribution from the website http: Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Once you compile and deploy the web application, please click the button that will execute the jfreechart.jar to generate the JfreeChart. Hopefully in the future, refined versions of these classes will be incorporated into the main library.


NET dll files, which you can import as a reference in your. Simplification of plot event notification [Richard West]; ChartComposite does not dispose popup by Sebastiao Correia ; PolarPlot doesn’t work with logarithmic axis; Experimental Code In this release, some new incomplete classes have been included in the org.

jfreechart.jar and jcommon.jar

ChartComposite listener type; JFreeChart makes it easy for developers to display professional quality charts in their applications. Jcommpn.jar add the dll files IKVM.

RingPlot should respect getSectionOutlineVisible ; There is an important bug fix for the StackedBarRenderer3D class see bug Add these libraries to your classpath. Demos A small set of demo applications can be found in the following projects here at GitHub: BasicTimeSeries can now automatically drop “old” data.