Click for tour Mosets Tree is a directory component for Joomla!. Robust, tons of features, customization allows for different looks and feels. By Webdesign Florian Brinkmann. We started looking within PHPMyAdmin, comparing components that we could see within the ‘components’ menu but with no avail. Key Features of Mosets Tree.

joomla mosets tree

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Multi Directory setup in a Single Installation id: Joomla and straight design and not too many features were put in one interface which makes it very easy to use.

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Import the image custom fields Fixed: My cart Number of items in cart: Any other Mosets Tree Support needed? Import the non published fields as private fields Fixed: I trre what you pay is very appropriate considering what service level and software you get!

The authors who were not articles authors were not imported Tested with WordPress 4. Highly recommend this directory above others here. Within the results you should see that the ‘Xmap – Mosets Tree Plugin’ is disabled, just enable the plugin and you joomlx see the ‘Mosets Tree’ menu item within the ‘Components’ menu.


Mosets Tree add-on – FG Joomla to WordPress – Frédéric

Each Mosets Tree mksets now includes a new pane that allows you to control where within Mosets Tree pages that a module will be displayed.

Import the select fields New: It gives you all the tools and feature you need to run a business directory, real estate management system, web links directory, model profiles or almost any type of imaginable directories on your Joomla website.

joomla mosets tree

Mosets Tree the perfect directory extension for your Joomla! Can’t rate this high enough.

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Dining and lodging directories on our website. Mosets Tree Template s modification The Mosets Tree template a is simple, yet powerful feature that controls how the directory is displayed in front-end.

joomla mosets tree

Robust, tons of features, customization allows for different looks and feels. Date custom fields were always displaying on the front-end Tested with WordPress 4. The ‘Xmap – Mosets Tree Plugin’ plugin was disabled by default new plugins are disabledwe decided to enable the Xmap plugin and that solved the issue.

Mosets Tree add-on By Webdesign Florian Brinkmann. If you want to manage the ratings and reviews, you need also the BD Ratings module. I had to migrate content from a Joomla 1.


There is so much functionality, Mosets does all I want and much more. Setup Mosets Tree Cluster Maps id: Publish Mosets Tree modules exactly where you want it. We use it for listing projects and all the voluntary organizations and sports teams in our municipality.

Import the URL fields New: Thank you very much!! This is the very best service I ever received!!!

Thousands of users use Mosets Tree everyday.

Mosets Tree is designed to handle any data moseets requires a directory structure such as a Business Directory, Links Directory, Scripts Directory and more. Every question answered, and quickly. I was up and running with a basic site in no time at all.

This plugin is a life saver and the developer is a great help.