Meanwhile, Gintoki is forced into a confrontation with none other than Bansai, right-hand man to Takasugi. Shinpachi, Kagura and Seita make their way to the control room while Gintoki fights Housen. The man tells them that if they can’t get the key, which unlocks their chains, in 72 hours the bomb which is located in the Shinsengumi headquarters will explode. Interestingly, the lyrics sound like Shigi actually sat down and read Yoshiwara before writing Housen reminisces about his memories with Hinowa. The next day, Gintoki and his friends return home while Oiwa and Rei continue to run the inn with the intent of moving spirits to the afterlife. Exposure to sunlight, weakens Housen as Gintoki delivers the final blow.

kagayaita gintama

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Gintama Season 1 Ending 12 Lyrics

With help from Gintoki, he looks for a house until one seems a little stranger than anything so far, just what is it about this house? They are gintam by Sunrise. With Gintoki, Katsura, and the entirety of Edo returned to normal, the group have a final talk with Otohime on ‘beauty’.

Cover from the first DVD of Gintama’ s third season.

kagayaita gintama

Both of them want each other to die before themselves for different reasons. Gintoki then reveals the other’s previous characters: Katsura briefly takes gintamx the series in an attempt to promote his birthday; in the main story, Gintoki attempts to help Tama find a way to enjoy herself.


There, they also encounter Katsura, who is there because Elizabeth is in bad health.

In the end, Sougo hints that he is willing to do the same thing with a certain curly silver-haired samurai. This page was last edited on 20 Septemberat If so this is for you.


After they remember how they got there, a mysterious man shows up in a TV. Just give me some days to get everything rolling again: When Rei sacrifices herself to save Oiwa, she acknowledges her wrongdoings in keeping the spirits on Earth instead of exorcising them, and thanks the spirits for keeping her company.

Her words cause her late husband kagayaifa all the spirits that were absorbed to move into the afterlife. The final pictures implies Gintoki drowned his former companions, causing Shinpachi and Kagura to leave gimtama disgust.

kagayaita gintama

I’ve been doing this since ‘Kiseki’ Six endings ago. After passing a hallway full of spirits, Oiwa commends Gintoki, telling him he is suitable for the job. Gintoki hides a picture of the current Odd Jobs behind the sign and prays for a good new year.

kagayaita gintama

The Yorozuya meets familiar “faces” on their journey in the RPG world while searching for the culprits for their “modified” bodies. And the release date of her new single has finally been announced!

kagayaita from gintama mami Song – Music Lyrics

Hijikata replaces his sword with a blade cursed by the spirit of an otaku just as Gintxma advisor Itou returns to run the organization. The next day, Gintoki and his friends return home while Oiwa and Rei continue to run the inn with the intent of moving spirits to the afterlife.


Shinpachi and her other fans are overjoyed at the news. Episodes to were directed by Shinji Takamatsu and Yoichi Fujitawhile in following episodes Fujita was the only director. CS1 Japanese-language sources ja Television articles with incorrect naming gintaka Articles containing Japanese-language text.

In the second part, Gintoki meets Santa and Ben his reindeer as they reunite.

Shigi – Kagayaita [Single]

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. The inn is revealed to be a resort for spirits that are unable to pass onto the afterlife and have remained on Earth.

Shinpachi’s was Kanemura, a muscular black man with a gun for a right arm; Sadaharu’s was a man similar to Kanemura, and Kagura’s was a muscular black woman.

The conclusion of the Yoshiwara arc.

Gintoki and Shinpachi begin seeing ghosts at the resort, which Gintoki persist to be beings known as Stands. The Yorozuya along with Hijikata are also on their way to the scene. Be Forever Yorozuya Gintama live-action. Thank you for the translation!