Against these a minority of devoted Communist Party members can be set, who together with the Party leadership actively supported the measures of the 13th of August The display of the alternating patrols is underlined with Glory, Glory, Hallelujah! Hartmann and the actor Erwin Geschonneck met after the production of the film. First, a good-looking war widow named Karla invites him to put the barrels on her wagon and takes him a short distance to her farmhouse, where he spends the night and they become romantically entwined. This is the farcical and at the same time phantasmagorical climax of the trip to Dresden. Everyone, the new power holders as much as the defeated Germans, had to improvise and take chances.

karbid und sauerampfer film

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Karbid und Sauerampfer

This is the young peasant widow Karla, working her farm on her own, with whom he falls in love immediately. His return journey is quite an adventure. A reverse medium shot now shows Kalle from behind looking to the far end of the road, the melody reaching a final chord and followed immediately by an sauerxmpfer version of the chorus of the Russian folk song Saurampfer. Home Contact Links Imprint. Frank Beyer undoubtedly counts among those DEFA directors whose work will remain in the canon not just of East German film history but of post-war German if not European film wauerampfer for a long time.

The officer offers him a ride at least to the American side of the Elbe. Frank Beyer recounted that the script was authorized without unusual problems.

karbid und sauerampfer film

Enthusiasm focused more or less unanimously on a sequence of good-hearted suerampfer definitely non-aggressive mocking of the allied forces, East and West, when Kalle encounters the other side of the World theatre, the U. They assign him the job of getting it, as he has a brother-in-law in Wittenberge who works at a carbide company.


The soundtrack highlights the fantastic in the sauerammpfer sense and unrealistic nature of this episode by alternating tunes considered to represent the essential folk culture of the two superpowers of the day.

German Films: Film Info: Karbid und Sauerampfer

At the funeral, they discover that the dead man sauerampfrr despised when the “mourners” slip quickly away. Also, they are all married and have to look after their families, while he is single and a vegetarian, so he should be better able to feed himself along the way.

Add the first question.

karbid und sauerampfer film

Kalle is not whistling any more and walks on the side of the road, which is now crowded with a continuous stream of civilians walking in the opposite direction, easily identified as some of the millions of migrants of the summer of Carbide and Sorrel Karbid und Sauerampfer. Jadup und Boel By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. It is a typically German Wanderlieda hiking song, but a well-chosen one: It had enough time and licence to establish itself as a truly popular movie, thus becoming part of the historic DEFA canon with frequent re-runs on television and in movie theatres.

She plies him with liquor, but he ends up too drunk to go to bed with her as she wants. Against these a minority of devoted Communist Party members can be set, who together with the Party leadership actively supported the measures of the 13th of August He bends forward and asks her to help him by brushing his back, which she does with an expression of physical relief.


The audience broke into loud laughter during the viewing, and it was approved for mass screening. Production design Alfred Hirschmeier. Meanwhile, he takes up all sorts of odd jobs.

Der moderne Krieg im Film: film

East German cinema, The Germans, in particular those east of the Elbe, experienced the differences between the occupying armies, but they could not yet count on their mutual antagonism. Get a high-speed look at the latest trailers from El Camino: Carbide and Sorrel can be seen as a story mediating—among other things—this message: At the same time, however, the bodily representation of this act of persuasion is supported by a strong element of irony: Search for ” Karbid und Sauerampfer ” on Amazon.

As he does not have a vehicle he has to rely on others. This site also includes the score and an instrumental version of the melody. Again, we have to emphasize the relative dimension of licensed irony: Languages Deutsch Edit links. As he is doing the big trip without a vehicle its very difficult to complete the task, but he manages it to move along in little steps.