Download size of the driver: The DC is quite responsive in its shot-to-shot cycle times though, thanks to its large “buffer” memory, which stores picture data until it can be processed and saved to the memory card. The archive contains version 1. It’s interesting, however, that for Windows users, the accompanying software is only compatible with Windows You also have a variety of image quality and resolution settings, with pixel sizes from x to x Like most digicams with digital telephoto modes, the lower-resolution LCD viewfinder display in this mode of the DC made it hard to align our test target accurately.

kodak dc290 software

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The front of the DC holds the 3x optical zoom lens, autofocus sensor, flash, self-timer light, optical viewfinder, light and flash sensors and a nice, thick hand grip.

Studio users will appreciate the external-flash capability, system integrators will like the powerful Digita scripting language, and everyone should like the high-quality images the DC produces.

The only complaint we have is that this process is a little time consuming once you understand how the camera works, since it goes through several information screens before actually performing the task. This driver is compatible with the following versions of Windows: Another bonus on the camera design is the inclusion of an external flash sync.

Working in the studio, it’s very convenient when to be able to remove a camera’s memory card without disturbing the camera setup, including zoom lens position, white balance settings, etc. Mode Dial Located on the bottom left of the back panel, this silver dial selects between Capture, Kodzk, Connect and Info camera modes.


Download and install Kodak Kodak DC Zoom Digital Camera – driver id

You can scroll around the enlarged image by using the 4-way rocker toggle control. The manual provides a very detailed description of the DC’s naming conventions and directory structures if kocak need more explanation.

Barrel distortion is an almost undetectable 0.

kodak dc290 software

koda, We did find a roughly half-degree of rotation in the optical viewfinder as well though: Programmed AE is pretty straightforward, putting the camera in control of everything. Pressing menu buttons and making selections also produce a range of sound effects. Download the latest Kodak DC driver for your computer’s operating system. This is the case with the DC, which worked smoothly with the Mounter software on our Windows 98 test machine.

Start the driver installer file from a user account with the highest privileges rights. If you want to decrease the exposure compensation by a half-unit, there’s no alternative but to cycle through the entire range until it wraps around to a lower value.

It’s also possible that the softness was a result of a misalignment during prototype production that may not appear in the final models.

Kodak Kodak DC290 Zoom Digital Camera – two ways of downloading and installing the driver

The back of the DC is where most of the action takes place. Long-Time Exposure gives you from 0. Softkeys Located directly beneath the LCD monitor, these three silver keys directly correspond with the labels on the bottom of the LCD monitor.

A handy feature of the DC is that you can remove the CompactFlash card while the camera is on, just make sure you don’t try to remove the card while the red LED inside the slot is blinking, as this could damage the media.


kodak dc290 software

When the operation finishes shutdown and restart your PC in order to use the updated driver. Info Mode Accessed by turning the mode dial to the Info position, this mode displays information about the camera’s firmware.

kodak dc290 software

Unzip the files in a directory of your choice. What’s more, the DC uses a relatively high 7 volt external supply, which makes the resulting power-drain numbers somewhat less than on cameras operating at a 6 volt external supply voltage. Direct Download Success Stats: Ralf Brown’s DC Albums: If a language option is given, select your language. Not enough to worry about in normal shooting, but a possible concern for architectural photography, where you may have verticals and horizontals close to the edges of the frame.

Thus, if you’re interested in shooting moving subjects under low-light conditions, the DC probably wouldn’t be the camera to choose.

An audible click notifies you that the picture has been taken. The fourth option is External Flash, which disables the built-in flash and allows you to set the camera’s aperture, as described above. Visit the Comparometer tm to compare with other cameras. Adobe PageMill carries your web capabilities softwae by allowing you to setup simple web pages with your photographs. The top bar of information gives you updates on the actual exposure such as “Ready” or “Out of Range.