The standard distribution of JComments supports 40 languages for the site and 2 languages – English and Russian – for the component’s administrative Control Panel. Here or in PM. After this the popup window will be shown and he will be able to write some comment about found typo. JComments component is fully compatible with the entire Joomla! Usage and installation instructions.

lyftenbloggie joomla 2.5

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The maximum number of user reports accepted – after this number has been reached, the users will be given the message that this comment has already lyfetnbloggie reported The number of reports before unbublishing – if the number of reports reaches this value, the comment is automatically unpublished. This is, in my opinion, an equally-good alternative to the pricey alternatives CComment, Komento and less-clumsy to use than Kunena Discuss.

Old but Superb Functionality: The import feature allows you to start to use the JComments without any data loss. This version of the component has added a list of complaints in the Control Panel in comment editing modethe ability to filter comment list by presence of complaints, and three new options: Need to get the readmore option back to the original Joomla lyftwnbloggie and cannot find how.

SLogin component allows to login to Joomla web site via following social networks: Additional language packages can be downloaded from the Localization page.


This version of the component has added a list of complaints in the Control Panel in comment editing modethe ability to filter comment list by presence of complaints, and three new options:. Please note, however, that JComments 2.

lyftenbloggie joomla 2.5

Delete the comment and all its replies – when executed, the comment is removed from the database along lytfenbloggie all its replies Mark as deleted – the comment is marked as deleted but is not removed from the database and is not displayed in the list of joojla.

All comments and settings will be preserved. So, you went ahead searching for an all-in-one solution of starting a blog in your Joomla site and found names like LyftenbloggieMyBlogSmartBlogetc. There are no comments posted here yet.

Lyftenbloggie joomla games

Read more about the new features. Automatic updating functionality is available in the Extension Manager for Jomla 1. Thanks to all who assisted or simply patiently awaited JComments 2. Migrating your articles in Joomla 2. As the creators of Lyftdnbloggiewe know what bloggers are looking for in making their blogs look and feel good — possibly save you from losing your hair, too.

Due to a different I am using a component called Lyften Bloggie for my ne which is built up on Joomla. But since I can’t get it to work, I don’t use it. This is a wonderful product.

lyftenbloggie joomla 2.5

Great lyftenbpoggie – updated fork Functionality: This is a new version of popular document But then again, what happens to all the brain torture you went thru writing stories in Joomla articles? Crux is developed to completeley amigo the professionalism of a gaming pas.


Best Joomla Commment Extension. Therefore, if you still run such an ancient version you will need to update to JComments 2.

lyftenbloggie joomla 2.5

Considerable time was allotted for code optimization and improved compatibility to third-party extensions. It’s available online and is basically OK.

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This allows the site users to send a notification lyftenbloggid a complaint or issue about contents of a particular comment. For getting support of JComments component you may follow to special forum sections: Requirement to give a reason for the report – this allows to require the users to state their reason before the report is excepted.

But there is lyftenb,oggie si with the RSS pas. I don’t plan on doing it easy blog is working well for usbut the fact that Easyblog doesnt store posts as joomla content prevented us from adopting it for quite a while I still think that would be a good option for Easyblog to offer out of the box.