Again, this may take some time depending on file size. It will also be unavailable for about an hour on either Wednesday 24th or Thursday the 25th of August as well. The MasterMap data available will be updated as part of our annual data refresh at the beginning of September. OS MasterMap data Desktop sharing: We are really sorry for any inconvenience this causes. Embed Size px x x x x


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Once it is done the drawing will appear similar to the screenshot below:. Connect to SDF layer 5.

MasterMap Download will take longer to process orders on this day so it would be wise get these in beforehand if you have deadlines to meet.

Or upgrade your computer. Data Download basket 7. Map Import Map Import function allows you to import external file formats Contours at 10m intervals with spot masyermap.dwt. From the AutoDesk website: How to use MasterMap Download.

Using OS MasterMap data from Digimap in AutoCAD – [PPT Powerpoint]

The template is a DWT file which can be downloaded via this link or visit http: Formats and conversion guidance http: The next step is to open a mastermap template which will manage all the mastermap data that is going to be uploaded. Notice that the task pane on the left hand side of the screen and grouped together layers.


This application has many, many tools and facilities for analysing map data masgermap.dwt I don’t fully understand, but expect to find very useful. Step 6 View data Newer Post Older Post Home.

psychocartography: Importing OS Mastermap data into Autocad Map 3d

Rolta Vector Map Loader Free download: Data Download basket 6. Finally, you should be left maatermap.dwt a fully editable DWG fileof your chosen site rendered in the style of an ordnance survey map.


The functionality and datasets offered by MasterMap Download and Boundary Download are now available through the standard Data Download application. Now to import the mastermap data into the drawing: DTM Digital terrain model 3D representation of terrain surface.


Vector Data Formats available for products notconsistent, e. How to guides Digimap help pages This can take a while, depending on the size of the data you have downloaded.

This is available from the Data Download facility:. Context sensitive help pages Backdrop mapping Information boxes indicate: The MasterMap data available will be updated as part of our annual data refresh at the beginning of September.


I just want some data. A dialogue box will appear listing all the ;layers that are going to imported into the drawing.

Using OS MasterMap data from Digimap in AutoCAD

To render the drawing ordnance survey style, right click on the topographic layer in the task pane and select update. Now, select “open” and change file type to “Drawing Template”, open the mastermpa template that you have now downloaded:.


This allows you to update the groups when it comes to rendering the drawing later. Step 4 Create object data for points, lines and polygons